Hillary In Full Out Panic As Ukrainian Embassy Officer Comes Forward With New Evidence Exposing What Really Happened


Hillary Clinton Petrified At New Ukrainian Revelations

There is some real cracks in the armor surfacing now, as the Ukrainian scandal heats up. The Democrats are in the middle of an impeachment inquiry, and already Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden are in the mix.

According to ongoing investigations, there is evidence that the Ukrainians were helping Hillary Clinton with her 2016 presidential campaign. Sources close to her are saying she’s fearful.

The research also indicates that the Ukrainians were helping the entire DNC in 2016. Going forward this could pose serious issues for the Democrats, and good news for Trump.

There is allegedly some audio evidence of a Ukrainian who was found guilty of meddling in 2016, and is directly tied to Clinton and the DNC.

The audio has the voice of Artem Sytnyk, who was the head of the Anti National Corruption Bureau in Ukraine. He was saying on the tape that the Ukraine government tried to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Sytnyk admitted that the goal was to undermine Donald Trump. By doing that they thought the campaign of Clinton would be elevated substantially.

Artem Sytnyk Has Already Been Convicted Of Election Meddling

Since Sytnyk has already been convicted for his part in election meddling in the 2016 campaign. His own admission that the goal was to help Hillary Clinton and hinder Trump’s credibility, it’s a huge problem for Clinton, and she is running scared.

The  Democrats keep insinuating that a July 2019 call between Trump and the president of Ukraine was grounds for impeachment. They have alleged that the President Trump has done an ‘impeachable offense’.

However they fail to be transparent with their own ties to the Ukraine government. There is a direct link between the Democrats and a Ukrainian Democratic operative, Alexandra Chalupa.

This operative actually worked in the White House during the Clinton Administration. She was a public liaison, and after that tenure worked for the DNC as a consultant.

She says Democrats detractors is the so called, ‘gold ring on the Merry Go Round’. There is no denying that Chalupa is a direct link between the Democrats namely Clinton and the Ukraine Government. 

The Audio Tapes Reveal That Chalupa Worked For The Ukraine Embassy

In another startling factoid, Chalupa actually worked for the Ukraine Embassy, in addition to her position with the Clinton’s.

The Ukraine government is not denying that Chalupa has ties to both the Clinton’s and the Ukraine Government.

Mainstream uber liberal media of course have this direct connection between the Ukraine and the Clinton’s buried.

It’s not as if these details are not known by the media and many government officials. However the story is not being told by the MSM, and the Democrats while accusing Trump of doing any and everything, refuse to be transparent.

This information is extremely damaging to Clinton and the Democratic party, and is not going away, says a source working on the investigation.

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  1. The Damned Democrats are ALL LYING Criminals ! They are a smug bunch and are always blaming someone else for their failures ! It just proves that Democrats are piles of excrement walking around on two legs !

  2. What in this world of supposedly LAW ABIDING people would it take for
    enough evidence to amass to finally be enough to indict and convict HILLARY of a crime?
    I get the feeling some times that she has something on EVERYONE who could bring her to the Court of Justice. No matter what it is she is accused of, it never goes beyond a News Flash about how this is it, this is the one etc.etc.etc…..just nonsense and wrong.

  3. So why is she not in jail? Why is it that the right gets crucified while the left runs around like frolicking fairies fancy free when they have committed everything they try to pin on Trump and friends! It is way past time to charge them with the high crimes they are guilty of!

  4. How much perjury , subversive sedition & high treason , career organized crime , child-sex trafficking , theft of trillions of taxpayer funds , terrorist group creating , Constitution destroying intent , anti-America – NWO agenda criminal collusion with top criminal soros > does it take to put these liberal top criminals in GITMO with the REST OF THE TERRORISTS & a noose ? The head(s) of the snakes never get nailed ! The rest of us would get the firing squad for 1/ millionth of what these liberal criminals do daily !

  5. File this report in the bovine excrement file. I’ve read reports TODAY which state that Hillary is tied to a child sex trafficking ring, that all of the missing 30,000 emails she scrubbed have been found and now that she is deeply involved with the corruption in the Ukraine. This is only important if you are constructing a list of crimes for which she will never be punished. The list of Hillary’s crimes number in multiple dozens and yet she runs free, screeching like a banshee about what a crook Trump is. She’s guilty-she knows it, we know it, the authorities know it and the media knows it…..and, yet she’s unindicted.


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