Hillary Clinton Steps Out of The Shadows, Begins Campaigning

Hillary Clinton Endorses Joe Biden
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Just when you thought we were safe, Hillary Clinton is back. 

And make no mistake, every time she opens her mouth, what she is really doing is campaigning.  Whether she is endorsing Joe Biden or exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic, it is all the same. With every word, Clinton is trying desperately to stay politically relevant and hold on to the last vestiges of influence.

It must be hard for Hillary Rodham Clinton to sit on the sidelines after so many decades of political service. Even after two failed Democratic Presidential campaigns, the former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State does not understand that she has no official position of any kind.

Hillary Clinton Endorses Joe Biden

Clinton finally formally endorsed Biden the last week of April.

“I’ve been not only a colleague of Joe Biden’s, I’ve been a friend, and I can tell you that I wish he were president right now, but I can’t wait until he is, if all of us do our part to support the kind of person that we want back in the White House,” she said.

OF COURSE the career politician known as “Quid Pro Joe” is the kind of person that HRC wants back in the White House. Biden represents the kind of cronyism that Clinton and the rest of the Democratic establishment thrives on.

There are many who also believe that Biden is so mentally unfit that he is the perfect Puppet President for the Deep State Democrats’ agenda. 

The only real surprise here was how long it took for Clinton to endorse Biden. But it is worth noting that former President Barack Obama also did not endorse the man who served as his Vice President for eight years until all the other candidates had already dropped out.

Perhaps there is something to what President Donald Trump has said:

“He feels something is wrong…It does amaze me that President Obama hasn’t supported Sleepy Joe. It just hasn’t happened. When’s it gonna happen? Why isn’t he?”

Horrible and Insensitive Timing

But the ex-Secretary’s endorsement comes at a disastrous time, while Biden is under criminal investigation for a disgusting sexual assault that allegedly happened in 1993.

In fact, the accuser, former Biden staffer Tara Reade, blasted Clinton because she has thus far ignored the incident. Hillary Clinton has a history of enabling powerful men to cover up their sexual predatory behaviors and their inappropriate sexual misconduct,” she said.

Reade was of course referencing Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual harassment and assault. Hillary Clinton was very vocal in smearing the names and reputations of the alleged victims

In total, eight women have come forward to accuse Biden of inappropriate touches, commens, and behaviors.

What’s Next?

There have been whispers that Biden might pick Clinton as his running mate. Although she coyly talks about supporting the Democratic nominee, she obviously still has an axe to grind with President Trump. She hints that she is the key to winning th White House.

So maybe there does need to be a rematch. Obviously, I can beat him again,” she told “PBS News Hour”.


  1. Good to hear from the Führer of the Bimbo Eruption Organization back supporting another good Democrat.

  2. Go ahead Liberals. If you want to live in a country modeled after China, then vote for “Sleepy Joe” and Killary (if she runs as VP). I cannot think of one thing that would ruin our beautiful country and strip us of all our freedoms, then having these two in the WH. Talk about corruption BIG TIME!!!!! President Donald Trump is working his behind off trying to keep us safe and secure our freedoms. President Trump is fiinally getting us to the point where we are truly seeing the damage that Obama and his criminal minions has done to our Constitution. How these people can live with themselves is way above my pay grade. TRUMP 2020.

  3. Wow…why doesn’t she get the picture? Nobody cares what you think anymore. Nobody wants to hear why you lost anymore. No one has time to waste on you anymore.

  4. What does she mean that she can beat him again? As far as I know she hasn’t beaten him once. I think the dems want her to go away


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