HERE We Have Another Democrat Above the Law

Democrat Lori Lightfoot Chicago Speeding red light tickets

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to break the rules she imposes on her own constituents. The latest controversy is her security detail blowing through red lights, then getting their tickets dismissed. Time to vote this tyrant out of office.

Democrat hypocrisy in Chicago

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot thinks she’s above the law. The city dismissed multiple red light tickets against the mayor’s security detail after they were caught on camera.

Some of the dismissed tickets were recorded at times when the mayor was scheduled to be attending “non-city” events. City officials refused to tell reporters where the mayor was going when the tickets were recorded.

At the time of one recording, the Democrat mayor’s official calendar shows that she was on her way home from a “non-city breakfast.”

Great. So she can just run over to the local Starbucks for her morning bagel and blow through all the red lights on the way. Then get the tickets dismissed with a wave of her hand. Must be nice to be king.

Another four red light tickets were recorded when her official schedule was marked as “rest” or “virtual gala.” What a joke. Since Lori Lightfoot became mayor of Chicago in 2019, her security detail has racked up 13 tickets for speeding and red light violations, all of which were caught on city cameras.

Chicago’s King Lightfoot

A city spokeswoman said: “The Chicago Police Department’s mayoral security detail is responsible for protecting the Mayor and her family at all times of the day. When traveling, this security detail is a two-car team, a lead car, and a tail car, that is trained to stay together at all times for the safety and protection of the Mayor.”

Alderman Anthony Beale said in a statement: “If the law shows they went through the light unjustly, they need to pay the ticket. You can’t have different standards for the people than for yourself.”

Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a hypocrite. This summer she ordered all non-essential businesses closed due to COVID-19, but then she went out to the salon to get a haircut.

When called out on her hypocrisy, Lightfoot said “I’m the public face of this city. I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye.” No apologies from this Democrat rodent.

She also sat by and allowed violent thugs to loot and burn down the city this past summer. But she quickly sent the police out to stop protesters from assembling near her own home.

These Democrats truly believe they are the ruling elite and they don’t have to follow their own laws. Lori Lightfoot is quite possibly the worst mayor in the country. It’s time for the people of Chicago to wake up.


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