Her Burned Car Was Found 10 miles From Her Dead Body


With the discovery of her burned car, we sadly have another missing persons case that has not ended well. The discovery of her body came soon enough, and it was only a short drive from where her ruined vehicle was sitting.

This 21-year-old Florida college student had driven to the neighboring state of South Carolina to visit her father earlier this month, but it wasn’t long before she went missing. Just one day after Sheridan Wahl was reported missing, they found her body behind a fire station in the Palmetto State.

Wahl lived in the Tampa area, and she was on her way to see her father in Myrtle Beach. Her mother was named Kelly DeArment Wahl, and she described how she had talked to her daughter on FaceTime at about 1 p.m. on September 19th, near Myrtle Beach. The 21-year-old had big plans, to say the least.

She told her mother that she was going to rent a scooter and she was going to drive back home to Tampa very soon, according to WFLA-TV. Apparently, the mother was encouraging Wahl to stay in the area overnight due to the long drive back home, but this video call was going to be the last time Kelly saw her daughter alive.

Wahl, who lived in the Tampa area, drove to see her father in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her mother, Kelly DeArment Wahl, said she talked to her daughter on FaceTime around 1 p.m. on Sept. 19, near Myrtle Beach. The 21-year-old told her mother that she was going to rent a scooter and was preparing to drive back home to Tampa, WFLA-TV reported. The mother allegedly encouraged Wahl to stay in the area overnight because it would be a long drive back home. The video call was the last time Kelly saw her daughter.

It was the early morning hours of September 20th when the mother posted an urgent message on social media pleading for assistance in finding her missing daughter after she had not heard from her for several hours. She was trying to call her daughter, but it went straight to voicemail. Moreover, she was also having trouble contacting her father.

They ultimately found the young female’s body on September 21st behind the Hannah-Salem Fire Department in Pamplico, South Carolina, which is about a 50-mile drive from Myrtle Beach. It was not far from her burned vehicle.


Things moved pretty fast, because on September 23rd, Kelly shared a Facebook update about the tragic death of her daughter.

“We are heartbroken beyond belief to share the news that our beloved Sheridan Lynne Wahl has passed. Sheridan was our cherished and loving daughter, sister, niece and friend. She will be missed more than words can ever express,” the grieving mother wrote.

“Please note that the case has yet to be closed – and details have not been confirmed,” the Facebook post stated about the burned car and Sheridan’s body. “A full statement will be released pending more information. In the meantime, the family graciously requests that their privacy be respected and deeply appreciates the outpouring of love and support from all.”

They are now performing an autopsy and they have not released a cause of death as of yet.

They have established a GoFundMe to raise money so that Wahl’s family can have a memorial and funeral. Elizabeth Echenique, Sheridan’s friend and roommate, has established that GoFundMe account. She called Wahl an “amazing musician” and someone who had a “heart of gold” in this crowdfunding campaign.

UPDATE: As of October, Sheridan’s cause of death and the reason behind her burned car still remains a mystery.