He Kills 3 Innocent Tourists Because of This


This man made a terrible mistake and he killed three innocent tourists due to one horrible decision that he will definitely regret. Apparently, the party boy lifestyle can absolutely have some unforeseen consequences. This was a horrific crash that went unnoticed back in January, but it is now making news yet again.

It was an individual behind the wheel of a speeding Lamborghini Urus, and he plowed into a concrete pillar in Hialeah, Florida. This resulted in a spectacular explosion, fiery in all of its hideous glory, and enough to make any special effects wizard in Hollywood proud. Except this was captured on video surveillance, and sadly, it was real-life.

They have now released a toxicology report that demonstrates that the 30-year-old New Jersey man who was driving the Lamborghini that crashed and killed these tourists did it because of one thing and one thing only: intoxication. That’s right. This man died in the wreck, killing his two passengers and these tourists because he was drunk on alcohol and painkillers.

This wreck occurred on January 17th during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, with visitors flooding into Florida from a tremendous number of locations from other states in an attempt to escape their COVID-19 restrictions. At the time, the crash had escaped the attention of the media.

The Hialeah police reported that this rented Lamborghini was speeding down East 10th Avenue near the intersection with 25th when the vehicle lost control and slammed head-on into a concrete commuter train pillar.

“Upon impact with the concrete pillar, [the SUV] exploded into flames and partially disintegrated,” as noted by a Hilaleah police traffic crash report. Law enforcement officials believe that the vehicle had been traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour just prior to the crash.

To make matters worse, the driver, a father of two from New Brunswick, New Jersey, was ejected from this top-notch SUV. His two passengers – a 26-year-old New Jersey man and a 27-year-old Georgia man – were also traffic fatalities almost instantly in the wreck.


The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s office issued a toxicology report that showed that the driver had bodily fluid alcohol content levels in excess of .10 and .12, way above the legal limit.

Toxicology tests also revealed that he had the presence of oxycodone, a powerful painkiller that continues to contribute to a nationwide opioid addiction debacle in this country. The mother of one victim was reached by the Herald several weeks later and she declined to comment. Moreover, the owner of the rented 2019 Lamborghini couldn’t be reached for comment, even though vehicles such as his will often retail for over $200,000.