He Is America’s First Black Billionaire, What He Says About President Trump Will STUN You!

robert Johnson
Photo via CNBC YouTube Video Screenshot

Even though the well-organized assault on the Trump administration doesn’t appear to be dissipating anytime soon, President Trump is buoyed by the fact that he now actually has an endorsement from a very unlikely source. 

As the son of a poor farmer and the ninth out of ten children, Robert Johnson is a product of the American dream.

Even though he had humble beginnings, he was the recipient of a graduate degree from Princeton. 

He didn’t stop there, though; he took that degree and founded Black Entertainment Television, becoming a newly-minted billionaire when Viacom pulled out their checkbook and bought it out. Johnson has some very interesting things to say about President Trump indeed. 

Interestingly enough, Johnson is normally a registered Democrat and a political ally of the Clinton family.

However, during a recent appearance on CNBC, Johnson had nothing but glowing words to describe the economic accomplishments of President Trump for Black Americans. 

Johnson has the data to back it up. 

In December of 2018, the jobs data for African Americans reached a historic low of 6.8 percent, which was the lowest percentage recorded since 1972.

Unemployment numbers did go up somewhat after that, but Black unemployment went down to another low of 6.9 percent in March. 

Johnson made a number of observations, including his belief that these unemployment rates from black Americans is unprecedented and the fact that the job market seems to be gaining employees who have not been in the labor force for a long period of time. 

Johnson actually credited some of Trump’s policies for spearheading this economic improvement, stating, “Taking into account President Trump’s tax cut, I believe the economy is on a strong path for growth.” 

Of course, here’s another shocker for you: unfortunately, there are quite a few who don’t believe Trump shouldn’t be given credit for these excellent economic numbers for African Americans. 

“The administration got the ball rolling on most of the programmatic work before they left,” Hillary Shelton, director of the D.C. chapter of the NAACP, stated. However you interpret the data, the fact that these positive numbers have continued under Trump is something these biased liberals simply cannot explain away. 

Of course, even though Robert Johnson is a big fan of President Trump’s policies there are some who might question why he turned down a job offer from him in 2016.

Johnson was quick to shoot that down, however, by claiming that he simply isn’t interested in a government job.