Haunted House in the Woods: Everything Left Behind


There is definitely a type of stigma when it comes to a house or structure where something terrible happened. Some call them haunted, simply due to the fact that they have an extremely negative energy. This would be the case with one underground house in particular, known to local citizens as the former home of the “Hillbilly Killer.” Now, a group of ghost hunters are checking to see if this serial killer had actually hid some of the bodies in his house.

First of all, this underground house was in the middle of the woods, and this was a group that was exploring haunted houses, so they knew what to expect. The first thing that they noticed before they encountered the underground house was a huge drum with a lid on top simply lying on the ground, and they quickly realized that this was one entrance to the house.

They briefly toyed with the idea of entering the “Hillbilly Killer House” in this manner, but they decided against it. Instead, they decide to go straight down the ramp and through the door. After entering the musty old house, you will be surprised at what they find!

They encountered a bunch of musty old furniture, along with old speakers, old FM stereos, and an old fish tank that they first thought was nothing more than an old TV. As they explore the old house, they immediately know that they will have to be careful, simply due to the fact that the room is filled with empty liquor bottles, pill bottles, and knives. So far, so good. It’s nothing but an old and abandoned house right?

Things get interesting around the 8:30 mark in the video because they think they hear a voice that says, “Who’s in there?” They confer among each other, but the ghost hunters upstairs swear that they didn’t say it.

Not soon after that, the group is startled by a flying bird, which they think is a hawk. However, they quickly figure out that it is a turkey vulture that will only eat dead things. Considering how broken down the place is, chances are that the bird only eats mice, but still…the group moves on to the attic, and that is when they discover that everything is elevated off the ground.

Once they reach the attic of the crumbling old house, there are several questions: why are there so many bleach bottles? Why do they have so many rusty nails in the attic? It is then that they hear a door slamming, and it terrifies them and that is when they run out of that house, leaving everything behind!


You can watch the video of the group exploring the haunted home of “the Hillybilly Killer” here.