Hardened Criminal Released From Prison Over Covid Scare, Goes on Meth Binge…Then He Does THIS to 60yr Woman


A hardened criminal, who was released from prison over the Coronavirus panic, goes on a crystal meth binge and attacks a sixty-year-old woman. Matthew Cory, who had eleven previous arrests, including seven felonies, assaulted this unidentified woman on a hiking trail in Everett, Washington. As the woman was resting, he came from behind her and began to choke this elderly lady. Fortunately, she escaped the grasp of the criminal and screamed loud enough to send the felon running.

The police found Cory in the woods and arrested the criminal. He admitted to smoking crystal meth for two weeks and claimed he did not remember assaulting the woman. Democratic Washington Governor Jay Inslee had previously released Cory and nearly 1,000 criminals from jail due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Cory had removed his ankle monitor, and the Washington Department of Correction lost track of the criminal.

Inslee had been criticized for his foolish decision to release these criminals. He declined to comment on Cory’s assault. He did release a statement that read in part, “This group was chosen to reduce the risk to public safety, but no choice could be made to guarantee that there would never be a new crime committed.”

Inslee is not the only governor that released inmates due to the panic. Cory is not the only released criminal to commit a crime. There definitely has not been a guarantee to the public that new crimes would not be committed by released criminals.

Released Criminal Pandemic

Not only is there a Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a released criminal pandemic in America. Multiple governors have released criminals due to the Coronavirus panic, and, not surprisingly, these criminals have committed multiple crimes.

Back in April, Rocky Lee Music was released from Santa Rita jail in California as a result of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s order to release prisoners because of the pandemic. Within 40 minutes of his release, Music carjacked a motorist. Fortunately, the police immediately found the hardened criminal, who had five previous felonies, trying to break down a door.


In the same week, Owen Aguilar, another criminal liberated by Newsom, was arrested a week after his early release. Aguilar was arrested for starting eight dumpster fires in a thirty-minute period in Silma, California. 

California is not the only state compliant in early releasing criminals. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis also allowed the release of some individuals. Similarly, tragic results occurred.

Joseph Williams, who had thirty-five previous arrests, was discharged from jail early because of the pandemic. Within a month, he was arrested on a murder charge. The criminal was also charged with ‘resisting an officer, being felon in possession of a firearm and possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia,’ according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Criminals from across the nation have been irresponsibly released due to the Coronavirus panic by both Democratic and Republican governors. This criminal released pandemic could come to your neighborhood. Remember this when voting for your next governor. 


  1. Democratic Washington Governor Jay Inslee should be held responsible and do some prison time himself for his actions resulting in the attacked woman.


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