Half Naked Democrat Gives Lawmakers an Eye-Full During Zoom Meeting

Half Naked Democrat Gives Lawmakers an Eye-Full During Zoom Meeting

First CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin exposes himself on a Zoom call, now a prominent Democrat congressman is following in his footsteps.

Though he didn’t go as far as Toobin, who was caught pleasuring himself during a Zoom call (when he claims he thought he turned off the camera), the sight was still disturbing to many who witnessed it.

During an early morning Homeland Security Committee hearing, the members of the committee were shocked when one poorly dressed Democrat, Rep. Donald Payne Jr., stood up on camera and exposed his bare belly hanging over what appeared to be boxer shorts.

While his co-workers appeared to be dressed for a professional meeting, the Democrat congressman’s stomach was on full display thanks to his much-too-small Captain America t-shirt as he rose from his unmade bed during the early morning hearing with Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, who was testifying about budget requests from the Biden administration.

Several amusing reactions from his colleagues on the Zoom call could be seen.

The New York Post reports: “Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) covered her mouth in shock as Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) continued speaking to Mayorkas — ironically, about cybersecurity — apparently oblivious to the view.”

Texas GOP Rep. Beth Van Duyne shared the video on Twitter, writing: “Another reason Democrats should get off Zoom and back to work. #TheStruggleIsReal.”

Florida GOP Rep. Brian Mast called Payne out in a scathing tweet, writing: “If taxpayers are paying you $174,000 per year, getting out of bed and putting some clothes on for work seems like it should be a minimum requirement.”

Payne completely completely overlooked the issue in his statement about the event, writing: “As a public servant, my focus has always been the public good and my work to better the lives of my constituents and all Americans, regardless of the circumstances.”

One of the congressman’s staffers attempted to defend him on Twitter, claiming that the representative was being fat-shamed.

“It’s no secret that as a diabetic the Congressman has his weight struggles. But we try to stick to policy here in Congress,” wrote Payne legislative director Sam Morgante, who has since protected his Twitter account so his tweets cannot be read without him accepting a follow request.

According to the New York Post, “The video of Payne was not publicly broadcast and appears to have been visible only to participants in the virtual hearing. It’s unclear if any House rules were violated either by Payne or by Republicans who circulated the clip.”