Gunfire Erupts on Freeway, Shell Casings Everywhere


Gunfire from a rolling battle along a Fresno, California, freeway was taken in stride by liberal local officials as just another gang-related quarrel. A young woman in her twenties was pronounced dead at the scene and her passenger was hauled to the hospital in serious condition. Shell casings were found strewn all the way across a mile long crime scene.

Gunfire a nightly occurrence

Gang-related shootings are so common that frequent sounds of casual gunfire are typically ignored. It’s no surprise that police aren’t even bothering to release a description of the suspect vehicle. They’re rounding up videos and may get to looking at them when they get some funding. Meanwhile, anarchy rules in Fresno. “All indications are right now that this may be a gang-related shooting just based on what we’re finding right now with the preliminary investigation at the scene,” Officer Mike Salas with the California Highway Patrol assures.

From what police were able to piece together from the scene, the battle started “on the westbound 180, just around Highway 41 and continued towards Highway 99 when the vehicle came to a stop on the shoulder.” Apparently both cars were exchanging lead with each other for about a mile. “a Toyota Camry was struck multiple times by gunfire just after 10 p.m. on Highway 180 east of the Highway 99 connector.” They picked up shell casings all night long.

In the hail of gunfire, the woman driver was fatally shot as the Camry was hit “multiple times.” Her passenger, described only as a man in his thirties, was in the front seat and also hit at least once. He was transported to Community Regional Medical Center and listed in “serious” condition.

No suspect information

At this time, “authorities do not have any suspect information or a description of the suspect’s car.” They closed Westbound Highway 180 between Fulton Street and the Highway 99 ramp so they could sweep it for evidence, “most of the night and early Wednesday.” Officers claim they are “locating surveillance video and looking into ShotSpotter with Fresno Police.” Whether they ever catch anyone in connection with all the gunfire is a totally different story.

While one set of officers were picking up evidence from the freeway shootout, another set was responding to gunfire exchanged at a house party. They found “a Fresno man shot to death and a woman wounded” in an apartment in the southwest part of the city. This one wasn’t gang related. Police chalk it up to “a series of arguments.” They gave it the designation of homicide number 37 for Fresno this year and also call it the 10th in September.

With the Breonna Taylor grand jury report about to come out, police officials from coast to coast are ready for gunfire to break out at any moment. Most people realize by now that the left is using anything vaguely police brutality related as an excuse to simply cause destruction. As long as liberal city officials refuse to prosecute criminals, instead patting them on the back and encouraging arson and robbery, the anarchy will blaze.



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