Gunfight in Apartment Lobby Caught on Video


It seems that Bill de Blasio has been so busy trying to run for president that he has forgotten about his task of running the City of New York.

Before I digress too much, gun violence in the Big Apple is on a morbid upswing, with the latest statistics showing that shootings had increased in August 2020 at a rate of 166% from August of 2019.

One incident in particular had video showing a gunfight in an apartment building lobby in Brooklyn. 

It was about 1 A.M., and in the video we see a group of unidentified individuals gathering in the foyer of the Marlboro Houses in Brooklyn’s Gravesend neighborhood. “Gravesend” is a bit of an ironic name, but I digress.

Anyhow, the person in the far right of the video is seen brandishing a gun and he fires at some of the people at the entrance of the apartment complex. Naturally, they run and duck for cover. The surveillance video is currently being shown by New York City Crime Stoppers because the men who fired their weapons are now wanted for reckless endangerment. 

The NYPD reported that there weren’t any injuries in the incident, and they are still searching for those involved in the gun battle. This is just one of many incidents that the NYPD is extremely concerned about, simply because this gunfight was just one of hundreds of other similar incidents within the five New York City boroughs. As reported previously, shootings are immensely higher this year compared to the same month last year. 

Indeed, the NYPD reported 242 shootings in August 2020 versus just 91 in August 2019. 


2020 has also seen its fair share of murders within New York City, with a mark of 291 compared to 217 at this time last year. Finally, the NYPD also announced that assaults and robberies were higher this year as well. 

What do YOU think about why New York City is seeing an increase in crime? Please leave your comments below!


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