Gretchen Whitmer Finds Herself in Quite the Legal Battle

Gretchen Whitmer Finds Herself in Quite the Legal Battle

Michigan’s tyrannical Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has found herself in quite the legal battle over campaign contributions that she has raised in 2021.

Using a loophole in the system that allows officeholders in Michigan who are subject to a recall election to accept unlimited amounts of money from donors, Gretchen Whitmer raised approximately $3.4 million in campaign contributions so far this year.

The Michigan Republican Party filed a lawsuit in federal court on September 21st, challenging those campaign contributions. This lawsuit could set an important precedent.

Detroit News reports: “The litigation could force a judge to weigh in on the much-debated legality of a large chunk of the governor’s campaign war chest and longstanding rulings that allow officeholders in Michigan who are the subject of recalls to accept unlimited amounts of money from donors.”

In their lawsuit, the GOP labels the policy the “recall exception,” because other candidates in Michigan are forced to follow strict campaign contribution limits, while candidates up for recall are not.

Radical leftist Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is being named as the defendant in the lawsuit because her position puts her in charge of enforcing Michigan’s campaign finance laws.

“This disingenuous maneuvering is simply an effort to position her reelection campaign within the narrow and rarely-applied contours of the recall exception, through which Governor Whitmer’s campaign is circumventing the contribution limits that apply to all the other candidates in the gubernatorial race,” the Republican Party’s lawsuit said.

The argument surrounding Whitmer’s fundraising strategy started immediately after her reelection campaign filed its first 2021 disclosure in July, as the document revealed a record fundraising amount.

For the first seven months of 2021, Gretchen Whitmer’s campaign took in $8.6 million, including about $3.4 million in contributions from donors whose donations surpassed the $7,150 individual limit that typically covers candidates running for governor. Five of her donors gave at least $250,000 each.

The real problem with this is the simple fact that none of the efforts to recall Whitmer have gained any traction. So, even though there are several failing attempts to recall the governor, should she really be able to skirt campaign finance laws?