Grenell Tosses Grenade Over His Shoulder On Way Out Door – Democrats Splatter


Our acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell made his exit from the White House in style, casually tossing a political hand grenade over his shoulder on the way out the door. Democrats are left splattered all over the walls.

The Deep State Hates Richard Grenell

It’s no wonder the Deep State is trying their best to start a race war. They need something to distract the public away from what’s happening in Washington. With John Ratcliffe freshly sworn in as the official Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell is moving on to bigger and better things but at this point, nobody is sure exactly what they are. The way Obamagate is developing, he may end up as Director of the FBI.

On his way out the door, Grenell couldn’t help help leaving a little surprise package behind for his favorite Democrats on Monday. As CNN reports, he “declassified more documents tied to the origins of the Russia investigation.” He wrote a little love note to Virginia Senator Mark Warner along with the gift, accusing him of “cherry picking certain documents for release” for Deep State political reasons. He tied it up with a ribbon around the records that tell the rest of the story.

Grenell hinted on Friday that there was more information “related to Flynn’s calls with Russian officials.” They are in the “process of being declassified.” These are separate from the Russiagate documents he released Monday. He also mentioned he believed the Flynn transcripts “should be released in their entirety.” It’s not sure yet if they will be. It’s still up to his replacement to officially release the material.

He’s also out as the Ambassador to Germany

Grenell was wearing two hats at the same time, not only was he the temporary top spy official, he also actively served as Ambassador to Germany. He put that on hold too, after meeting with Angela Merkel to say goodbye. He’s allegedly going to be working as either an intelligence consultant or a member of the Trump Campaign but nobody is really sure yet. All everyone knows is that the administration wants to have him handy and they’ll find something for him to do.

Democrats hated it when he started spooking the spooks, saying, “their worst fears have been realized: that the fierce political loyalist weaponized the US intelligence apparatus to boost Trump’s reelection bid.” Once again, it’s all about stopping Trump from draining the swamp.


“We believe transparency builds public confidence,” Grenell gloated last week. He had just declassified the smoking gun e-mail that Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice sent as a reminder to herself. She wanted to document that Obama told her he didn’t want to know anything about the entrapment of Michael Flynn.

A couple of days before that, Grenell handed over the long awaited list of officials requesting Flynn’s name be “unmasked” so they could leak the information to the press. One of them was Joe Biden. Adam Schiff turned three different shades of purple at the same time and looked like his eyes were going to pop out of his head. The disclosure he fumed, was “without precedent.” Not only was it unheard of, “It was a transparent political act—in an election year and during a pandemic, no less—in which you used the authorities of your position to insinuate wrongdoing by officials who acted appropriately.” If the actions were so appropriate, then why is Schiff so upset?



    • Lisa, I totally agree! Grenell is the perfect person to clean out the human garbage that runs the corrupt FBI. President Trump should fire the corrupt, deep state piece of scum, Chris Wray and replace him with Grenell. Additionally, Trump should fire the do-nothing Attorney General Wm. Barr and replace him with Judge Jeanine Pirro. She, like Grenell, is fearless and they would work together to purge the leftist human garbage from the DOJ, the FBI, and then go after the brown clown Obama, Biden, Clinton, Holder, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Rice, Jarrett, Page and many, many more criminals that need to be tried, convicted and executed for treason!

    • Fire Christopher Wray immediately, and take avowed Communist Brennan’s security clearance away for real this time. (said they were going to but in the end they never did.) Those two actions will begin the real clean-up.

  1. This maybe the Guy with the “””BALLS””” to Go after ALL the Lying, Crooked and Lawless Mf’ing Democrats… to include the Other Deep State POS Comey, Roesenstein, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Wray, Strzok, and YES, Obama, Hillary and the “”Rest of the Rats”” … in the DNC Deep State Swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let’s Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Everyday a new story, but no one is ever found guilty. Remember, this is same FBI that
    put Martha Stewart behind bars. Yet absolute criminals still are walking free.

  3. Fire Chris Wray ASAP he is total deep state working against trump and against American people that wants to know what the democrats have been doing to Trump

  4. It’s time to clean the swamp once and for all . We need a person that can do the job by helping president trump . If we inforce our laws that alone should clean half the swamp . The rats that are left will be easer to find .

  5. I just want to see people arrested and tried for treason and a few of them hanged in public as a message to the others.


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