Grenell Makes Shocking Admission (Watch)


Richard Grenell just made the shocking admission that Russia was a big hoax clearly used by Barack Obama’s Administration to weaponize the intelligence agencies against incoming President Donald Trump. He’s convinced that the Washington Deep State pitted it’s incestuous relationship with the media against the rest of America. The only way to drain the swamp is through decentralizing bureaucracy as President Trump has been doing all along.

Grenell tells it like it is

Richard Grenell sat down with Dave Rubin for the first interview since leaving his post as Acting Intelligence Director. He just loves to casually toss political grenades over his shoulder as he walks away. The explosive things he told the Rubin report have Deep State democrats ducking for cover yet again.

The Russia investigation “was a big hoax.” There were “red flags early on in the Russian investigation from a variety of agencies.” All sorts of comments “from people coming forward and saying this Russian stuff is not true.” Obama officials hid it. They “classified that information and pushed it away. I’ve seen that information and I’ve called for it to be declassified.”

If you look at some of the transcripts “from Susan Rice and from Samantha Power” they tell you under oath in the House Committee, “sure we talked to foreigners when we were transitioning from Bush to Obama. During our transition we were talking to foreign governments.” During the transition, General Michael Flynn was actually a good diplomat. “He’s trying to calm the situation down with the Russians. He’s not trying to inflame it. He’s not trying to say screw them or screw us. He’s trying to say, let’s think strategically about this and have reciprocity. So if we do something then you can come back and do it but let’s not go crazy here with coming at each other’s throat.”

“The FBI said very clearly, there’s not enough information here. Let’s drop the case on Flynn and the very next day, there’s an Oval Office meeting with Comey.” Now its all clearly a setup. “We’re no longer at the point,” the former spy chief notes, “where it’s republican versus democrat.” What we’re looking at now is “Washington versus the rest of America.” The Deep State is an informal system within Washington, D.C.’s federal government network “that basically takes care of its own.”

Obama used his spies as weapons

Grenell was refreshingly blunt as he declared, “the Obama Administration weaponized the intelligence agencies to go after their political enemies. I don’t care what anyone tries to spin and say, that’s exactly what happened.” All you have to do is look at the evidence documenting the period between the election and President Trump’s inauguration. They were supposed to be passing the torch and “they should’ve said okay we’re out.” That’s not what happened.

When an outsider like Donald Trump comes in, it threatens the whole system. “Instead, they were so shocked that they developed this Russian narrative.” Oh sure, Grenell declares, the Russians certainly did interfere “in our election debate.” They always do. It was “largely on social media and they utilized propaganda.” He explains, “they use propaganda, a tiny sliver of truth and they blow it out to make it completely an erroneous story. This is what the Russians do.”

What’s different this time is the way the media “blurred this Russian election debate propaganda into manipulating the American election.” Thats a big leap of logic. “I think that the media did the Russians a real service. They inflamed the debate even more.”

All in the same swamp

The biggest problem is that everyone lives in the same swamp. That’s why he’s in favor of shipping agency headquarters off to rural America. “Working for the federal government requires living in the D.C. area,” Grenell argues. Washington, D.C., is supposed to be the place where you go temporarily to make laws and then you leave that place and you go home and live under those laws.” It’s “now got sports teams.”

“Everybody who gets a job in the federal government has to live in that area.” Once they move in, “they float from one agency to another.” When a job opens up, “they get posted on websites that are only known by or largely known by Washington, D.C., types.” To get a job that comes with a red tape dispenser you have to be able to sling the lingo and know your way around town.

“They know how to go to the office because it’s a local office. They have been the deputy assistant secretary of this and that and then they get to be the assistant secretary of this and that and it builds.” It’s also insular. “when we have economic crashes, Washington D.C., is never hit because the federal government has a bunch of workers that continue getting paychecks.”

That’s why Washingtonians didn’t have a care in the world staying at home. “They weren’t working but they were collecting the same paycheck. They are unaffected largely when there is a crisis and so it’s this system that takes care of it’s own.”

An incestuous relationship with the media

The way that the New York times seems to get copies of classified information makes it look like they are working in cahoots. “The relationships begin to be incestuous,” Grenell points out. He uses Los Angeles as an example.

“We’re in Los Angeles and so the Hollywood crowd and the Hollywood media go to the same parties, they go to the same church, they live on the same block, they see each other at the post office. So there’s this institutional system right? If you’re working at say, Disney and suddenly you’re switching jobs and you’re working at NBC and you get a bigger job, you’re still talking to the same people in your neighborhood and you’re still talking to the same media.” It’s exactly the same in Washington.

“We have a system right now where the media control it because they live there and they switch from the New York Times to Politco to the Washington Post, to CNN and all around they just stay in that system and they protect their own.”

The reason the Deep State hates President Donald Trump so much is because “he’s always been an outsider. Even as a billionaire in New York and a big developer, he’s always been an outsider.”


    • Bravo! Except not ‘socialism’ but chinese communism total intellectual, political and physical enslavement – that’s the demonrats goal, not ‘socialism’ as such.

  1. Now when we get persons in a position that Grell is it seems like he is pushing a BS policy where the FBI does not have a right to investigate a Presidental candidate as to their connections with a foreign Government or anything he could be blackmailed with by anyone. Now when a service personal who only has access to one piece of equipment has to have a full background investigation and you have a person who is going to have access to the most secret informationin this USA, and to say the FBI has no right to investigate them even when it is proven that person’s campaign and family members had over 100 contacts with a foreighn Government who is an adversary of the USA.

    • Robert, Whatever you just said is not a part of the article. You seem to be pushing your own agenda. Perhaps you are one of these federal employees he’s talking about or you’re a Newsie concocting a fake message about just how deep the state is. IN Russia so many people worked for the Government it could no longer support itself. That’s part of why it collapsed. Remember Government adds not one cent to the economy. Most government employees are non essential. They create jobs just to increase their members. In the long run Government is a Taker not a Maker. When you get to 51% of the people taking and 49% making the system collapses. There are numerous samples of this all over the globe. The US has always tried to maintain a balance. Now we are teetering on the edge of collapse. Once that happens all these well paid parasites will lose everything, and there will be no one to hire them.

  2. Russia is not our enemy, fabricated by dem. socialists. China is dangerous, thieves and liars.

    I agree with Grell, FBI is not trustworthy, they have caused huge damages to our president, following Dem. communist orders.

    TRUMP 2020 will hopefully rid America of those criminals.

  3. NOW he tells us?

    He could have saved us billions…if he had come forward in 2016. We lose freedom when we let them play these games. Obama needs to be arrested & convicted. Trump better keep his nose clean too. He needs to act. I don’t think Barr has it in him….he needs to be pushed.


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