Grenell Drops Bombshell Announcement About Joe Biden


While he was acting as vice president, Joe Biden was busy “manipulating intelligence” so that Barack Obama’s administration could “weaponize” spy reports against incoming President Donald Trump. Richard Grenell just dropped a tactical nuclear bombshell on the Democrat’s election campaign.

Biden was deeply involved in the plot

Former acting Director of National intelligence and American hero, Richard Grenell, thought the public might want to know that during the final days of what conservatives like to call the “Kenyan usurpation,” Barack Obama’s administration “weaponized intelligence.” Joe Biden, now the assumed Democrat candidate for the White House, was deeply involved in the plot to overthrow President-elect Trump.

“We now know that the vice president of the United States,” who at the time was Joe Biden, was “looking for information” and manipulating intelligence” In January of 2017, Grenell said Thursday. The same former spy chief who declassified the Obamagate documents which Adam Schiff was hiding made it clear to Newsmax TV that the Obama administration “weaponized intelligence” between the 2016 election and Inauguration Day.

While overseeing the U.S. Intelligence Community, Grenell learned that Biden got his hands on secret documents “in response to ‘unmasking’ requests targeting retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.” It happened just as Flynn was transitioning in as Donald Trump’s national security adviser. Even though he did nothing at all wrong in any way, classified details about Flynn’s conversations with a Russian ambassador were spoon fed to the media. The leaks were illegal too. “Now, we also know that some of that manipulation — political manipulation of intelligence, was leaked halfheartedly to reporters,” Grenell confirms.

The Logan Act controversy

Joe Biden has been trying real hard to distance himself from the Federal Bureau of Instigation wrongdoing but that’s kind of hard to do when evidence keeps surfacing. In recent weeks, some of Peter Strzok’s notes were declassified which prove that Biden was the one to bring up using the Logan Act to entrap Flynn with at an Oval Office meeting of the conspirators.


Creepy Joe pushes back, saying that the controversy is “being stoked by Trump’s reelection campaign and its allies.” The whole scandal he claims, “is all about diversion” and a way to divert attention “from the real concerns of the American people.” Most Americans see the exact opposite.

The public has already been informed that one of the things that John Durham’s probe is digging into is the serious leaks of classified information to the press surrounding General Flynn. Biden may be part of the direct pipeline of cherry-picked classified information used as part of the coup plot.

America is sad to see Richard Grenell leave the political spotlight but on the bright side, he now has more time to appear in the media. Recently, he’s become “a vocal critic of officials who leak classified intelligence and the politicization that follows.” He recently had a few choice things to say about the leaks of “partial information” related to secret classified intelligence “about a Russian spy unit” that allegedly “offered secret bounties to Taliban militants to kill U.S. troops.”


  1. It is time for Durham to release his report and stop the political damage Obama is doing to the Republicans Party and the United States. It is pretty easy to see that the Obamas, Pelosi, Sniff, Schemer are doing nothing to help America succeed, just the opposite. They have become or always have been Communist through and through. Time to act before the election or America will be destroyed from within.

  2. Hang ALL these scumbag’s for Treason against the USA and Trump. Time to set some examples of the decommies and their ilk !!

  3. This should be called “The Muslim Brotherhood trying to overthrow a newly elected president”. The buck starts with Barack Hussein Obama who cooked up the scheme to get at Flynn and try to get Trump out of office.” There is no denying this. Muslim Obama held a meeting in his office on Jan. 5, 2020 to overthrow our duly elected president. All involved at this meeting were Biden, Rice, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and others. This was the plan of Muslim Brotherhood leader Obama. During his eight years in office, his only accomplishment was spying on journalists, the Senate, the House of Rep, people he did not like. Look how close he has now moved in Washington to the White House. This is so he can spy on the Trump White House. Probably has a wire running from his home into Trump at WH. Obama is evil. He is the only ex President who has come out to talk about Trump so Trump should not be re-elected. It is disgraceful that an ex President would be constantly talking to press on the air, in the newspapers, holding events to talk about Pres. Trump. There are no words to describe “evil”. Just look at Obama and you will know what “evil” looks like.

  4. In the past few months I think we now see how fragile freedom and liberty really is…Americans have become too comfortable in their basic freedoms of speech..religion and our right to choose…if America does not come out of their comfort zones soon .. your freedoms and liberties will be controlled by this radical left..and if you don’t will be targeted..shut down and forced into some left wing indoc program or even be locked up…notice the Democrats are using the same radical play book of rules that communist and Marxist have used forever….take away your guns..control the narrative in the media.shut down religion..shut down dissent..eliminate law enforcement and promote fear and doubt in the population ..Nazism in the 1920s…

  5. If these people in government have done treasonous deeds against the law in this country, and probably in about every country, then do the right thing, bring it into the light, put it in front of the grand jury and prosecute everyone involved in this treasonous assault on takeover of the government. Give us the justice we DEMAND to have against these people for assaulting day after day, the president, his staff and the American people and our way of life. Our founding fathers would have already had them hung as soon as they found out they were traitors to their country. These high crimes must not be tolerated and the longer you sit on it, the more you look like you are either afraid to bring it all forth to the people or you don’t know how it would harm the country. The harm to the country has already been done, it is time to set things right and prosecute these people immediately and if there is treason involved with any or all of them then they should hang, and hang immediately for giving the people of this country finally some justice against this tyranny!

  6. Everyone wants someone to do something. It’s going to take all Americans to stop this. There is two ways this can go, one fight in the street against Soros people, some will die on both sides. Second Republican and Democratic that love our way of life go to the polls and vote the bad politicians out of office, hold the convention of states for term limits and do away with all the gifts that these politicians vote for themselves that put the above the law. Bill Bar can not do it by himself and Trump can not. It will take an army of voters to do this.

  7. YES, YES, YES ………………..VOTE “”””””””””””ALL”””””””””””””””” THE POS SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS TO HELL OUT OF OFFICE COME NOVEMBER 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    VOTE “”””DEMOCRATS INTO OFFICE”””” AND THE USA IS ……………..DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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