Grenell Drops Bombshell Announcement About Joe Biden


While he was acting as vice president, Joe Biden was busy “manipulating intelligence” so that Barack Obama’s administration could “weaponize” spy reports against incoming President Donald Trump. Richard Grenell just dropped a tactical nuclear bombshell on the Democrat’s election campaign.

Biden was deeply involved in the plot

Former acting Director of National intelligence and American hero, Richard Grenell, thought the public might want to know that during the final days of what conservatives like to call the “Kenyan usurpation,” Barack Obama’s administration “weaponized intelligence.” Joe Biden, now the assumed Democrat candidate for the White House, was deeply involved in the plot to overthrow President-elect Trump.

“We now know that the vice president of the United States,” who at the time was Joe Biden, was “looking for information” and manipulating intelligence” In January of 2017, Grenell said Thursday.

The same former spy chief who declassified the Obamagate documents which Adam Schiff was hiding made it clear to Newsmax TV that the Obama administration “weaponized intelligence” between the 2016 election and Inauguration Day.

While overseeing the U.S. Intelligence Community, Grenell learned that Biden got his hands on secret documents “in response to ‘unmasking’ requests targeting retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.”

It happened just as Flynn was transitioning in as Donald Trump’s national security adviser. Even though he did nothing at all wrong in any way, classified details about Flynn’s conversations with a Russian ambassador were spoon fed to the media.

The leaks were illegal too. “Now, we also know that some of that manipulation — political manipulation of intelligence, was leaked halfheartedly to reporters,” Grenell confirms.

The Logan Act controversy

Joe Biden has been trying real hard to distance himself from the Federal Bureau of Instigation wrongdoing but that’s kind of hard to do when evidence keeps surfacing. In recent weeks, some of Peter Strzok’s notes were declassified which prove that Biden was the one to bring up using the Logan Act to entrap Flynn with at an Oval Office meeting of the conspirators.


Creepy Joe pushes back, saying that the controversy is “being stoked by Trump’s reelection campaign and its allies.” The whole scandal he claims, “is all about diversion” and a way to divert attention “from the real concerns of the American people.” Most Americans see the exact opposite.

The public has already been informed that one of the things that John Durham’s probe is digging into is the serious leaks of classified information to the press surrounding General Flynn. Biden may be part of the direct pipeline of cherry-picked classified information used as part of the coup plot.

America is sad to see Richard Grenell leave the political spotlight but on the bright side, he now has more time to appear in the media. Recently, he’s become “a vocal critic of officials who leak classified intelligence and the politicization that follows.”

He recently had a few choice things to say about the leaks of “partial information” related to secret classified intelligence “about a Russian spy unit” that allegedly “offered secret bounties to Taliban militants to kill U.S. troops.”


  1. Rick Grenell is an honest man. I trust him. That’s something that I can’t say about most of the lizards in DC that comprise the deep state. Too bad he’s leaving government service.

  2. Much too complicated subject for the average American to comprehend. Want to get their attention, appoint a Special Prosecutor and lets see some indictments. That is a message, people will understand


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