Greedy Sanders Won’t Stop, Even With a Heart Condition “The Money Is Too Good”


Questions Being Asked About Sanders Being Able To Run For The Presidency Or Remain A Senator

Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders at 78 is the oldest Democratic candidate for the 2020 nomination. Sanders is recouping in a Las Vegas hospital after he began experiencing chest pains during a private fund raiser in Las Vegas.

He asked one of his staff members for ‘a chair’ saying he had a very long day. He was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night, with what doctors have said was a clogged artery. Two stents were placed in his heart, to unclog the artery.

His staffers remain tight lipped regarding whether Sanders actually suffered a heart attack. According to his staff, ‘Bernie is up and about at the hospital’. He remains cheerful, cracking jokes, talking about campaigns tragedy, and discussing his progress with his medical team of doctors and nurses.

According to Bernie’s wife Jane, ‘the operation was a success and there is no need for future procedures. Mrs. Sanders flew in from Vermont to Nevada to be with her husband. According to Jane Sanders, Bernie will be at the Democratic Debates on October 15, in Westerville, Ohio.

Sanders Is Expected To Be Released From The Hospital This Weekend

Jane said her husband, will be discharged from the hospital this weekend, and will return to their home in Burlington, Vermont. He will take a few days off to rest, and as of now, is expected to be at the debate.

Bernie was scheduled to make campaign stops in California and Iowa, after the Vegas stop. Those appearances had to be canceled, in lieu of this latest health crisis for Sanders. Although the Senator has been curtailed his surrogates are in full swing and will appear at planned campaign stops in his absence.


The Mayor of Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulin Cruz is co-chairwoman of the Sanders campaign. She will be appearing at three campaign stops in New Hampshire for the ailing Senator. A source who wanted to remain anonymous said, “campaign contributions are why Sanders has run again, the money is too good to give up, no matter what his health issues are”.

Bernie and his wife Jane have been dogged for years about money issues. He has always claimed that he makes very little money and money is not what motivates him. The couple has a ‘collection of homes in Vermont and other places’. He bought a beach front home on the shores of Lake Champlain for $600K at the close of the 2016 campaign.

Jane Resigned As President Of The Now Defunct Burlington College In 2011

Jane ‘resigned’ as the president of ‘Burlington College’ in 2011, she was accused of misappropriating college funds. The small private college opened in 1971, and was permanently shuttered in 2016.

Many blame Sanders for the college’s demise, saying ‘it could never recover from the damage she did’. Both Husband and wife have both been accused of using campaign money to benefit family members, and friends.

In 2004 on one of Sanders campaigns Jane was paid a $90K ‘consulting fee’. Her daughter, Carina Driscoll, Bernie’s step daughter, was paid $65K also as a consultant, she had no campaign experience, and had worked as a school teacher.



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