Graham Impeachment Announcement Makes Democrats Furious

Lindsey Graham

Earlier this week, I predicted that Schiff would reject the bulk of the list submitted by the GOP for witnesses in the public hearings next week.

On Saturday, Schiff did exactly as expected and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is NOT happy about it.


Republicans submitted a list that contained a DNC official as well as Hunter Biden and one of his business partners as well as a fellow board member at Burisma.

In addition to those individuals, Republicans also wanted to question the whistleblower and anyone involved in the preparation of the complaint.

Not so shockingly, Schiff is going to shoot all of these requests down.

Schiff stated, “This inquiry is not, and will not serve, however, as a vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations into the Bidens or 2016 that the President pressed Ukraine to conduct for his personal political benefit, or to facilitate the President’s effort to threaten, intimidate, and retaliate against the whistleblower who courageously raised the initial alarm.”

This just proves what I said earlier in the week that the hearings in the House will be biased and Schiff will do his best to make sure any witnesses that can help defend Trump or bring into question the behavior of Biden will be blocked.

Graham Not Having Hit

If Donald Trump is not going to get a fair shake in the House, then Graham has no intention of giving Democrats a fair shake in the Senate.

On Sunday morning, Graham stated any impeachment that does not allow Republicans to call their preferred witnesses is dead in the Senate.

He stated, “I consider any impeachment in the House that doesn’t allow us to know who the whistleblower is to be invalid because without the whistleblower complaint we wouldn’t be talking about any of this.”

He added, “It’s impossible to bring this case forward, in my view, fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross-examine them about any biases they may have.

“So, if they don’t call the whistleblower in the House, this thing is dead on arrival in the Senate.”

Later in the interview, Graham stated that Schiff is doing everything in his power to “destroy the Trump presidency.”

Hopefully, with the Republican witness list having been shredded by Schiff, Americans will begin to see just how disingenuous this impeachment process really is.

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