GOP Shuts Down Dems House Coronavirus Relief Due to ‘Major Problems’

GOP Coronavirus Bill
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

House Democrats have rushed a bill in an effort to gain some glory during the coronavirus emergency, but the GOP is pumping the brakes to make sure they get it right.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) didn’t pull any punches, saying the bill simply “comes up short.”

Big Problems

The bill that Dems put forth would not offer immediate relief, which may have been by design.

After all, if financial relief does not come until right around election time, the Dems get to rip Trump for a collapsing economy.

An example of this is the paid sick leave program.

On this issue, McCarthy noted that setting up the program through Social Security would take six months.

He further stated the added burden could hamper the disbursement of checks to our elderly.

Additionally, he cited the forced permanent paid sick leave “for all businesses without exemptions and no sunsets.”

While he does not like the bill the way it is currently written, he does believe it can be tweaked and on the floor over the next two days.

The House is currently scheduled for a recess at the end of today.

So far, Pelosi has not announced the cancellation of such to ensure House members are at work to deal with any other unforeseen problems.

McCarthy, however, stated, “I think we stay here, get it right.”

Pelosi, needless to say, was not happy that McCarthy and the White House pumped the brakes on the bill.

She stated, “Save it for another day. Right now, we have to find our common ground, work together to get this done as soon as possible.”

The problem, though, is rather than have a straightforward bill, Dems love to put these little poison pills in there to ensure they policies get put into play while Republicans have the White House and Senate.

Everyone wants this legislation to go through ASAP, as long as it is straightforward.

While this legislation would not even make it to the Senate floor, if Democrats are willing to tweak the bill appropriately, there is little doubt it will be on President Trump’s desk in a few days for his signature.

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  1. The “tax and spend” Dims added6 billion to PRESIDENT TRUMP’s $2. billion. We ALL know how well politicians spend OUR money, don’t we!!??


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