GOP ‘Meeting’ Turns into VIOLENT BRAWL

Michigan Political Brawl
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

Michigan, we have a problem.

The GOP in Michigan has been in turmoil since the gubernatorial election.

The party remains divided, literally breaking out in a fight at a recent party meeting.

He Kicked Me!

If you recall, several GOP candidates were removed from the ticket during the most recent election.

The turmoil more or less handed the election to Governor Whitmer.

The party has remained divided, now resulting in a physical confrontation.

Mark DeYoung, chairman of the Clare County Republican Party, was recently greeted by James Chapman, a Republican from Wayne County with a kick in the boys.

Chapman arrived at a recent party meeting at a local hotel after the door had been closed.

When DeYoung opened the door, he claims that Chapman kicked him in the goodies, sending him to the floor, resulting in broken ribs to boot.

After the confrontation, DeYoung stated, “We’re so divided. I just wish we could come together.”

That is not likely to happen anytime soon, as DeYoung has already stated that he will be pressing charges against Chapman.

Michigan will play a key role in the 2024 election, so party leadership better get its act together if they expect to flip this state back to red for the presidential election.