Ginsburg Slams Current State of Government as Dysfunctional

Justice Ruth Ginsburg
Photo Courtesy of LBJ Library via Creative Commons License

I don’t often find myself agreeing with Justice Ruth Ginsburg, but she appears to have gotten it right this time.

While appearing at an LBJ Library event on Thursday, Ginsburg called out the selfish attitudes of today’s politicians, describing D.C. as completely dysfunctional right now.

Selfish Purposes

As we all wait for the final votes to be cast in the impeachment trial, it has become painfully obvious today’s politicians are more about protecting their own concerns than they are of working for We the People.

This impeachment was not supported by the majority of Americans, quite the opposite.

The reason Dems are giving for impeaching Trump has only raised more questions about the corruptness of one of the Democrat presidential candidates.

Democrats railroaded Trump in House hearing, rushing through the process, then demanded the Senate do its job.

Now that McConnell has refused to cave and Republicans held the line, all we are going to hear about for the next 10 months is that the trial was rigged from the outset.

This is a fact that was not lost with Ginsburg, who stated, “Now we’ve seen the high degree of polarization in recent years.

“Yes, that’s true… My hope is that someday there will be patriots on both sides of the aisle who are determined to stop the dysfunction we are now experiencing and will decide that their institutional government should work for the benefit of all of the people.”

Working for We the People

If we are being honest, it has been decades since this government has truly worked for the people of this country.

It seems as though the days after Reagan’s presidency changed everything and we started to get into a tit-for-tat system that has held the people of this country hostage ever since.

Even though Democrats despise Trump, he is arguably the one president in recent years that was willing to work with both sides of the aisle to get things done in this country.

However, every time Trump offered an olive branch, Dems decided they wanted the whole tree.

That simply does not work and it is not the way our Founders set up this government to work.

Nobody gets everything they want, but everyone gets something… at least that is the way it is supposed to work.

Instead, one party wins the White House and the other party does everything they can to stop the president, in this case, impeaching him to prevent re-election.

I agree with Ginsburg, maybe one day we will actually get a Congress that is packed with patriots instead of vindictive children, but that day will not be today and that day is not likely to occur for quite some time.

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  1. It appears that Justice Ginsburg has awakened to the sound of ” Drain The Swamp.”

    A ” downright dirty shame” that we have to watch our current ” Constables On Patrol”( leadership within the FBI and Justice Dept) that do the bidding of ” sorehead losers”. ( Reported to be the Clinton Foundation and the DNC, through Christopher Steele and a local law firm)

    If this had happened in 1964, I would have gone to Belize or Costa Rica.


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