Gingrich Shreds Romney After Crossing Donald Trump

Gingrich speaks on recent Romney attacks against Trump.

Mitt Romney

Last week, Mitt Romney unleashed a scathing speech against Donald Trump regarding the President wanting to pull troops out of Syria.

Gingrich quickly responded as a surrogate for Trump, basically saying that Romney is irrelevant in today’s political world.

Hitting Romney Back

Romney tried to portray Trump’s Syrian withdrawal as a betrayal of the Kurds.

He also suggested Trump was duped, allowing Turkey to get the upper hand against him.

To that point, Gingrich stated that Romney’s comment was a “fairly ignorant comment about Turkey.

“Turkey is a fairly large country with a fairly large military. Our major airbase in the region is in Turkey.

“Anybody who’s suggesting that you can just shrug off Turkey doesn’t understand anything about the power structure of the Middle East.”

Gingrich also stated that the time of Romney’s GOP is old and no longer relevant.

Gingrich stated, “I don’t pay attention to Mitt Romney.

“I don’t think Mitt Romney matters in the long run of political history. He certainly does not matter in a Donald Trump Republican party.

“I think he is a fossilized element of a party that is disappearing.”

It’s a New Day

The one thing that Mitt Romney has failed to grasp in all of this is the fact his own state is now revolting against him.

President Trump beat Hillary Clinton by more than 200,000 votes in the 2016 presidential election in Utah.

That support has not wavered, as was evident from a recent poll that more than 60 percent of Republicans prefer Trump’s GOP to Romney’s GOP.

There are even movements within Utah to have Romney removed from office for what we can only assume is his constant opposition to Trump.

Romney showed his true colors when he opposed Trump in the election, then came crawling back for forgiveness when he wanted to be Secretary of State.

When Trump did not consider him for the position, Romney went back into attack mode.

I say let him keep railing against Trump because if you recall, every campaign Romney touched in 2016 went up in flames, so having Romney oppose Trump is far better than his support.

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