Gabbard Slaps Hillary with Major Defamation Lawsuit

Gabbard and Clinton
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore & LBJ Library via Creative Commons License

The old crow may finally have to pay, literally.

In October 2019, Hillary Clinton made the unsubstantiated allegation that Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian asset.

Now, Gabbard is slapping Hillary Clinton with a $50 million lawsuit for making those allegations.

It’s About Time

The one aspect of our political world that is disgusting is that candidates and other politicians are able to say just about anything without repercussion.

The facts are secondary, but the words these people use influenced voters and can change the direction of this country.  

Look at all the racist accusations made against Trump… if he were a private businessman still, he would be able to sue every one of these individuals for slander.

Since he is now a political figure, they can all say whatever they want without repercussions.

Gabbard, however, is looking to change that.

In her suit that was filed today in Manhattan federal court, Gabbard claims, “Rather than facts or reliable evidence, Clinton’s basis for the Defamatory Statements was one or both of: (a) her own imagination; or (b) extremely dubious conspiracy theories that any reasonable person (and especially Clinton, a former United States Senator and Secretary of State) would know to be fanciful, wholly unverified, and inherently and objectively unreliable.”

Vengeful Hillary

As it turns out, more light has been shed on just why Hillary has an ax to grind with Gabbard.

In 2016, Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Bernie Sanders over Hillary, and Hillary has not forgotten that perceived betrayal.

The lawsuit touches on this, stating, “Clinton was extremely angry—to put it mildly—that Tulsi endorsed Senator Sanders over her.”

This was perceived a slight by the Clinton campaign, one that “the Clinton team would never forget…”

Gabbard’s attorney stated, “One would expect someone of Mrs. Clinton’s political background to act with a greater level of maturity and dignity, but her personal hostility toward Rep. Gabbard apparently clouded Mrs. Clinton’s reason and blinded her to U.S. defamation laws.”

Even though Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson has called the lawsuit “ridiculous,” Gabbard maintains the comments by Hillary hurt her reputation but more importantly, hurt her standing with donors and voters in this presidential election.

Considering how recent investigations have gone into Hillary, we are not expecting much, but it sure will be nice to see her squirm a bit with the threat of her actually having to prove her comments and justify what she said, which she will not be able to do.

With a little luck, Hillary will not only lose the lawsuit, but it will also cost her that cushy job she just landed in the UK.


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