Fox News Implicated in MASSIVE Scandal


Liberals over at the New Yorker have outed what appears to be a massive scandal at their conservative competitor Fox News, at least on the surface. With the PoundMeToo movement raging out of control, anyone with deep pockets is a target. Even women are vulnerable to sex abuse charges these days, especially when they’re dating the son of the president.

It looks like a massive scandal

Liberals are jumping for joy at being able to say bad things about conservatives. Especially conservatives in President Donald Trump’s extended family. Kimberly Guilfoyle is their latest target, even though they’re shooting at Fox News. The scandal involves a $4 million payment to settle a 2018 suit.

An anonymous ex-Fox employee accused the former co-host of “The Five” of “sexual harassment and other inappropriate actions.” Any lawyer will tell you that settling a case does not admit guilt or responsibility. It usually means it’s simply not worth fighting over.

Not only is the former Fox host dating Donald Trump Jr., she also has the job of campaign finance chair for the 2020 Trump campaign. Progressives are ecstatic that they found some dirt on her. Guilfoyle appears to have given her accuser just enough ammunition to make a valid claim turn into a scandal.

That doesn’t mean that the accuser’s wild fantasies are all true. Just that the mild ones turned out to be worth a bundle. There’s no doubt that Ms. Guilfoyle was a little too free about sharing private snapshots in the office. She also had her accuser working in her home at odd hours.

That doesn’t mean the accusations of lesbian harassment are true. The claim may have been the result of the accuser’s advances being refused. There’s no doubt that Guilfoyle is comfortably heterosexual.

According to the New Yorker, “one of Guilfoyle’s female assistants at Fox News sent a 42 page confidential draft complaint to company executives in 2018, which accused Guilfoyle of repeated sexual harassment.” They paid her off to make her go away. “Fox News paid an undisclosed sum to the woman, who no longer works for the news channel.” Instant scandal.

Lewd pictures of men

Since the lawsuit was filed, “Six anonymous sources have come forward alleging that Guilfoyle would show personal lewd pictures of men, with whom she had sexual relations, to colleagues.

They have also claimed that she regularly discussed sexual matters at work, and was emotionally abusive toward support staff.” Not the best judgment but not all that serious of a scandal either. Still, it’s enough to make executives extremely uncomfortable.

The scandal gets salacious when they throw out all the unverified fantasies. Nobody is fact checking the New Yorker when they write about the allegations that “the assistant was required to work at Guilfoyle’s New York apartment while Guilfoyle walked around naked, was forced to listen to her speak about her sex life constantly, was ordered to give the Fox News host thigh massages.”

Guilfoyle is also accused without any evidence that she told the employee “to ‘submit’ to a Fox employee’s sexual demands for sexual favors, encouraged her to sleep with wealthy and powerful men, asked her to critique her naked body, demanded that she share a room with her on business trips, required her to sleep over at her apartment, and exposed herself to her, making her feel deeply uncomfortable.”

Guilfoyle personally denies all any part in the scandal, declaring flatly that she has “never engaged in any workplace misconduct of any kind.”


  1. I’m waiting with bated breath for the New Yorker’s coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop and their deep dive into that well established story. Then talk to me about Kimberly. Since you seem to like to cover these kinds of stories.

  2. Ok….maybe I missed something but where is this big scandal….maybe if she received a 4 million dollar payment from China or Russia for certain favors…..and had a laptop with all the facts….that would be a scandal….but just a story about her dirty laundry….I don’t get it.

  3. The real scandal is that the communist-democrat party is cheating their very best in order to put a demented old man into the persidency of the United States of America, and as his running mate, is a totally communist ho, and that is the best they have to offer.

  4. I don’t care what any of them are doing…
    Hunter is a “HERO”
    so if she did something wrong… she should be a “HERO” too!!
    Screw them…. we don’t need no stinking laws. just ask the fbi and doj and BARR !!!


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