Fox News Fires Yet ANOTHER Conservative

120307-N-ZZ999-002 NEW YORK (March 7, 2012) Adm. Mark Ferguson, Vice Chief of Naval Operations, is interviewed by Heather Childers, host of the Morning Live news program on Fox with Chief Construction Electrician Lynn Rodriguez, left, Lt. Sarah Flaherty and Capt. Lisa Franchetti. Ferguson and the other Sailors visited New York as part of Navy efforts to commemorate International Women’s Day and the month of March as Women’s History Month. Ferguson participated in a discussion at the U.N. on women in non-traditional roles and later visited the New York Stock Exchange, where he and the Sailors rung the closing bell. (U.S. Navy photo by Cmdr. Christopher Servello/Released)

Fox News has let go of several high profile conservatives from their platform the last few months and “Fox & Friends First” host Heather Childers is the latest casualty.

Fox with Another Controversial Firing

Back in March, when the coronavirus was starting to come onto mainstream awareness, Childers went to work on the 18th being visibly sick, which brought controversy to the host, CNN reported.

She has been a Fox host since 2012 but was suspended since the illness incident earlier this year.

On Twitter, she expressed that she had taken multiple COVID-19 tests, which came back negative, but yet she still was not allowed to return to work. She even tagged President Trump to try and get his assistance.

“I’d love to go back to work @realDonaldTrump but the antibody tests only show positive if you have had the virus. I’ve had TWO negative COVID19 tests results & no symptoms. Including a doctor testing temp, oxygen, all vitals 3 weeks ago today. All normal. Can I go back to work?” She tweeted on April 9.

Ten days later, she tweeted the president again: “Please get us all back to work.”

Childers Defends Her Decision

Childers said she took necessary precautions and did not have any of the typical COVID-19 symptoms.

“I went to see a dr to make sure I didn’t have a temperature or cough of type described as concern. Wanted coworkers safe. Dr said everything was normal. Haven’t been back since Hope to be soon,” she said.

This week it was confirmed by a Fox spokesperson that Childers was fired from the network.

“Fox News and Heather Childers have parted ways. We wish her all the best,” the spokeswoman told CNN Business.

Fox’s Decisions Have Been Questioned

Many found the circumstances around her exit quite peculiar, especially since Fox has lately been on a roll with firing prominent conservatives.

Earlier this month, Fox announced the firing of host Ed Henry, which came as a shock to most. The platform said he was let go due to a sexual harassment complaint made years ago.

“On Thursday, June 25, we received a complaint about Ed Henry from a former employee’s attorney involving willful sexual misconduct in the workplace years ago,” Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott and President Jay Wallace wrote in an email to employees.

With still several months left in 2020 to go, it’s a wonder how many more conservatives will leave Fox News, whether by force or choice.


  1. it’s been gong on for more than 2 years. You do know that James Murdoch just gave a million or more to incompetent Joe, don’t you and that Mrs. Jimmy is a confirmed Hillary sycophant?

  2. If Fox keeps veering left it will lose many fans, do they not realize the reason they are beating all the other cable news stations is because they have decent conservative hosts, they have Juan Williams and Donna Brazille spouting their left wing views especially Williams, he twists facts etc, thank goodness Greg Gutfeld & Jesse Waters are there to challenge him. I was very disappointed when they fired Ed Henry, for very questionable reasons!! Apparently one of the sons and his wife have been giving lots of money to democrats, if this is the way they go they will lose me and many people I know who watch Fox.

  3. Fox is becoming more and more leaning away from keeping it at least fair in the media circuit/circus. I have not been watching since the coverage is so negative about the crazies with unbalanced coverage of the problem solvers. Alot of negative, out of context about Donald Trump on the ribbons. It seems they have fallen to kowtowing to the “liberal massacre” of the news media. So sad!. Great intellectuals…now gone over whatever Fox can do to try be part of the fake news.

  4. Fox News is fast turning into a joke channel. Today during the WH briefing, videos were showed of the violence in Portland. Fox cut the showing, with the host Harris visibly confused and apologizing for the videos saying they didn’t expect that. Why ?? You had no chance to scrub it of offending BLM acts? WTH, Harris @Fox, you are a news outlet, you report news( supposedly), people are tired of your editorial BS. It is apparently more important to your new bosses and you as their minion to align as close as possible to the braindead CNN. With the exception of the 8-11PM lineup, your programs are garbage. Idiots.

  5. Watch OAN (One America News) or Newsmax . BOTH superior to Fox, which is leaning more left every day. MUCH farther left.

  6. foxy has not been the same since the original owner’s sons took over. Also the former speaker of the house is now with foxy. If Hannity or Carlson go, THAT WILL BE IT. There is always OAN or Newsmax to provide conservative info. And why did foxy communicate with cnn (communist news nonsense) and tell them about the firing. And Mr. Henry, this “accusation” took place years ago, but the libturd pieces of schittt at foxy take some broads story, and believe it, without any FACTUAL PROOF. Mr. Henry should sue fox for millions and millions.

  7. One, possibly both of the Murdoch’s’ are married to rabid Hillary fanatics , and you know that nooky is expensive. yet they hire scum like Juan Williams who never held and independent thought in his life and Donna Brazile who should have been in jail for interfering in a national election.

  8. These being fired should start suing FOX because since when does a lawyer send a letter about an incident happening years ago and being sick and a doctor cleared her call for cancer culture. Even if two mistakes were made by these people, one years ago and one recently, you don’t fire someone because of having a cough that could be a cold and you don’t fire someone because you received a letter from a lawyer trying to make his claim more realistic without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Both these people need to sue the lawyer, the claimant, and FOX. What the heck is going on at FOX, why are they being so wippie and scared about standing up against a bunch of crap. Are they going to fire everyone when they get a letter from a lawyer for a past misdeed and for coming to work with a cough, FOX will have to sell to CNN for a cheap price because there will be no station to watch.

  9. There are only a few real news people left on fox most are democrats.Watch oann instead it is more truthful.
    Fox is no longer fair and truthful, more of left wing opinions and rhetoric

  10. Fox News isn’t run by Murdoch anymore. Fox News is run by Murdoch’s liberal sons, who just happens to take their marching orders from their liberal wives.


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