Fox News Employee Caught on HOT Mic!

Fox News employee hot mic

As Fox News was switching to live coverage of President Trump speaking to reporters at the Sunday evening White House press conference, a Fox News employee can be heard muttering an expletive in the background.

A hot mic caught a Fox News employee muttering “ah, shit!” as the channel switched to President Trump speaking.

“Guess we have the president here,” the female anchor can be heard saying before a male voice is heard blurting the expletive.

The left immediately used this moment to whine about the president, with many people tweeting that they ‘understand’ how the employee felt, having to listen to President Trump speak. An author on a website called Political Tribune took the opportunity to write an entire article which pretty much sounded like every “orange man bad” meme that the left puts out.

Even Vanity Fair had to include the hot mic moment in an article discussing the recent non-scandal New York Times Trump-tax return exposé. In the New York Times article, they lead with a paragraph saying that Trump ‘only paid $750’ in taxes in 2016 and 2017. Later on in the article, they say that Donald Trump actually paid a combined $5.2 million, but his tax liability was only $750. The one thing missing from the ‘scandal’ article? Allegations of anything illegal.

Watch this video from Tim Pool to get the details on the lies about Trump’s taxes:

The left, as usual, is trying to turn even the tiniest thing into a scandal, since they can’t find any real scandals to point to. A ‘hot mic’ where someone says “Ah, sh*t” is not the story of the year, nor is there any context to assume that the employee’s outburst had anything to do with Trump. He could have spilled his coffee, dropped his phone, stubbed his toe… No one knows. The left is just desperate to find something even slightly scandalous about the president or Fox News.


  1. All this BS about trump is getting old . First they lie about trump then later retract their story and give a BS reason why they lied . And still the dumb ass snowflakes go by what they say . Must be a sad life to have to lie to earn a living . Does anyone ever belive you again after lying so much about everything ??? Do you belive your self after so many lies ??? One learns to hate from so many lies weather its the hate of one self or the hate of others from ones lies . Sounds like a trap to me . One you just learn to live with as a lier in life . Sad way to live and to teach your kids lieing about every is ok . So much for the next generation coming up base on lies . Good job dumb ass !!! No wonder the delusional democrats can’t get shit done . To many lies to swing through . The swamp sure is getting deeper … isn’t it . Don’t forget your life jackets you will need them .

  2. Given what the male said I would be expecting them to break and Have a Democrap speaking because S**t of the most WORTHLESS IGNORANT kind spills from Democraps mouths every time they open those mouths.


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