Fox News’ Chris Wallace Stuns Democrats with Impeachment Statement

Chris Wallace-2
Photo Courtesy of Maryland Gov Politics via Creative Commons License

Fox News’ Chris Wallace has been about as biased as can be throughout this impeachment process.

During a recent appearance, Wallace even called Donald Trump the biggest modern-day threat to freedom of the press.

So, it was quite surprising when he hinted Dems have failed to make their case for impeachment.

Surprising Comments

I honestly never expected to hear Wallace come close to saying Democrats have not made a good case for impeachment.

That, however, is exactly what he did earlier this week.

Wallace stated, “I want to go back to this question of the trial in the Senate because the Republicans— by that I mean Mitch McConnell, almost all the Republicans in the Senate and frankly the vast majority of top people in the White House, do not want to call witnesses because look, it is headed in their direction.

“The fact is that in a political sense, the House has not made a case, Democrats, that the president should be removed from office.

“The polls show it. Support for removal is declining. The president’s approval rating is rising.”

For Wallace to admit this, liberals should take note, because you know there is simply no way he would have uttered those words unless it was so blatantly obvious the House had failed in its mission. 

Come Back to Haunt Them

Throughout this process, the Dems would have been able to save face had they gone for censure over impeachment.

While the vote did not happen the way we had hoped, at least a dozen Democrats were clearly worried about their future by voting in favor of the impeachment.

Instead of voting with the facts, though, they cowed to the pressure put on them by Democrat leadership.

The swing in public support Wallace stated above is going to be a huge problem for Democrats come election day.

It is a fairly safe assumption that at least half of those Democrats are going to have a challenge on their hands to hold onto their seats.

If Republicans manage to turn the House red again as well as hold onto the Senate, we may finally get to see what this administration is really capable of in terms of implementing policies that will finally put America first.