Fox News Anchor Stuns Fans, Suddenly Quits

Signed off for the last time!

Fox News Set

How this story is perceived will depend if you are a conservative or a liberal.

During Friday’s broadcast, Shepard Smith stunned Fox News viewers by announcing today would be his last broadcast on the network.

Sudden Resignation

There have been no rumors of Smith being unhappy or wanting to quit, although he has been in a recent feud with fellow Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.

Perhaps it was that feud or maybe Smith just had enough of working for a network that is deemed biasedly conservative by most liberals.

The most recent feud between him and Tucker Carlson surely figured into this decision, though.

After Smith had Judge Napolitano on to put the noose around Trump’s neck over the Ukraine call, Tucker Carlson countered with a guest of his own.

Joe diGenova appeared on Carlson’s show and called Napolitano “a fool.”


Smith was livid, stating, “Attacking our colleague, who’s here to offer legal assessments on our air, in our work home, is repugnant.”

The barbs went back and forth for two days, with no sign of intervening by the network.

Perhaps that was a bit much for the snowflake anchor to take, so he is taking his microphone and going home….

See Ya!

The fact of the matter is, at least for conservatives, that this is good news.

There is nothing wrong with having a different opinion, but Smith interjecting his opinion at every chance while serving as an anchor was sickening.

He celebrated Trump’s problems and did so with a smirk on his face that drove conservatives mad.

If he wanted to interject his opinion, he should have been on an opinion show, not serving as an anchor.

Smith has never been fair with this administration and regularly twists narratives and storylines to generate negative headlines against Trump.

This was a long time coming and it will surely give conservatives reason to rejoice while liberals will say the one voice of reason at Fox News is now gone.

We say good riddance, Shep!


  1. Thank god Smith “FINALLY QUITE” Smith has been a dick ever sense he came back to FOX NEWS .They should have FIRED him along time ago. Smith was probably planted there buy the damn democrats. He thinks he is GODS gift to the NEWS world , im here to tell ya that smith would not make a decent pimple on a real news anchors ass !!! If you removed smiths brain and placed it on the sharp edge of a raiser blade , it would look like a BB in the middle of an eight lane hi-way !! GOOD WRITTEN CUPCAKE SMITH !

  2. Its amazing how easily some people swallow the kool aid of the left…especially when they try to use their anti Trump bias subvertly…I watch tucker every night and he expertly exposes the radical hypocrisy of the left and brings out the dangers of how the left is and has done great damage to the freedoms and liberty of this country….those on the left hate the truth..and tucker exposes these leftist every night.


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