Forthcoming Report Focused on Biden Fitness for Office

Joe Biden Hunter Biden fitness for office
Joe Biden and his son Hunter

Americans have long been concerned about Joe Biden‘s mental fitness, but Ron Johnson’s forthcoming report on Hunter’s ties to Ukraine show he might be professionally unfit for office.

Senator Ron Johnson announced Monday that the Senate Homeland Security Committee, of which he is the chairman, is poised to release a report on Biden’s dealings in Ukraine.

“Stay tuned. In about a week we’re going to learn a whole lot more of Vice President Biden’s un-fitness for office,” Senator Johnson stated on a call with supporters.

The committee has been investigating Hunter Biden and his employment by a Ukrainian energy company during the time that his father was vice president, overseeing the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy.

President Trump had previously requested that Ukraine investigate the allegedly crooked dealings in their country by Biden and his son. This was one of the many reasons that the Democrats seized upon to impeach Trump in December of last year. Trump was acquitted by the Senate in February on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

A spokesperson for Biden’s campaign released a statement attacking the probe into the former vice president, but did not address the forthcoming report. Spokesman Andrew Bates said Monday that Johnson has “wasted months” amid the COVID pandemic “to subsidize a foreign attack against the sovereignty of our elections with taxpayer dollars.”

President Trump has not directly commented either, though he did retweet a comment by radio host Joe Pagliarulo.


“Ron Johnson is trending because he’s made it clear he will inform us about Joe Biden. The left here is freaking about because — other than what’s obvious in his ridiculous appearances — they don’t want the world to see how bad a candidate ol’ Joe Is. Follow the trend. They mad,” Pagliarulo wrote in the tweet shared by Trump.

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is a supposed ‘recovering’ drug user and father of four children, one which he and his father refuse to acknowledge, who was recently determined to be Hunter’s child via paternity test in a court case.

President Trump often mentions Hunter Biden in his speeches at rallies, alleging that Hunter took part in numerous shady business dealings. This includes flying to China with the vice president aboard Air Force two to accept investments from the communist country. Trump uses these allegations of corruption to call into question Biden’s fitness for office.

While employed by Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, Biden earned approximately $83,333 monthly, despite having no experience in Ukraine or in the energy sector.

During the Senate impeachment trial, defense attorney Pam Bondi detailed Hunter’s employment and the possible corruption surrounding it. “Here’s how Hunter Biden came to join Burisma’s board in April 2014: he was brought on the board by Devon Archer, his business partner. Public records show that April 16, 2014, Devin Archer meets with Vice President Biden at the White House. Just two days later on April 18, 2014, is when Hunter Biden quietly joins Burisma,” Bondi said.

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has sought to prove there was corruption behind Biden’s public boasting about the firing of a top Ukrainian prosecutor in exchange for $1 billion of US loan guarantees. He is also looking to prove that the firing was linked to Hunter’s dealings with Burisma, as the prosecutor was allegedly looking into the company.


  1. We do not need any stinking report telling us that Creepy Joe is unfit for office. Hell, he is a Demo’rat! That is all we need to know about anyone to find them unfit for office

  2. Given the FACT that Pedo Joe bragged that he got the Prosecutor fired by withholding aid there is no need for any investigation. Pedo Joe is the most UNFIT person to ever be put on a ticket for the Nation’s top office. His Ho who slept her way up the ranks is just as UNFIT.


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