Former Obama Staffer Called Out for Fake News Report on Trump

More fake news from the left!

Peter Souza

Obama’s people are always trying to find a way to take a shot at Trump, even if it requires making up some facts along the way.

Peter Souza, who was Obama’s photographer during his administration, insinuated Trump’s situation room photo during the al-Baghdadi raid had been staged, but he was later forced to eat crow when the details of the actual attack took place.

Jumping the Gun

When the first photo was released of Trump in the situation room during the raid, Souza stated the photo was taken just after 5:00 p.m. but the raid took place at 3:30 p.m. EDT.

While he technically did not say the photo had been staged, the implication here is pretty clear…

When the tweet went out, liberals were happy to jump all over it, with some comparing this photo of Trump with the photo of Obama during the bin Laden raid.

The most notable of these was from David Axelrod who, based on the time stamp, did not pay attention to the news that day…

Axelrod’s tweet was sent out at 8:16 p.m. but the narrative Souza was pushing had been blown out of the water by then.

Walking It Back

Souza tried to protect himself earlier in the day when someone commenting that they thought Trump’s picture was staged, but they were not sure until Souza’s tweet, which is when Souza tried to say he never made the claim the picture was staged.

He even tried to temper his early implication by saying it was possible they were all in the situation room at that time…

The only problem for Souza is that everything he reported was wrong simply because he failed to verify his facts before slamming Trump.

Within hours of Souza sending out that tweet, a story surfaced in The New York Times that the operators left Iraq at around 5:00 p.m. EDT, NOT 3:30 p.m.

So, the timeline on the photo is actually accurate for when Trump and his team would have been watching the raid.

Even though he was wrong all along, the only tweet that went out from Souza was to clarify the timeline, but nothing about how wrong he was earlier…

And this is why you cannot trust the liberal media. Clearly, they are there to attack Trump rather than report the news honestly.

To be honest, even if the picture was staged, who the hell cares?! If this is all Democrats have against Trump, they are going to go down in flames come November 2020.

Is Souza really trying to say that Obama never staged photos?

To put this into further context, Souza just published a book called “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents” that highlights Obama and slams Trump throughout.

This is simply a man that cannot be trusted, and he proved that point with this latest attack of Trump.


  1. WELL??? Consider WHY he would say such a thing….Find the PHOTO this worm took of the night bin Laden was taken out by our HERO’S! We already KNEW the next day The Puppet had a big rally to go to, complete with screaming college girls loudly screaming out his name! Well PAID to do it, too! He HAD to have REST! HE had already told His/Sorrows/Clintons Administration that he was NOT going to give approval for them to eliminate BL! Finally, after making the Military WAIT and take a chance on losing him again, Hil&Val convinced him it would NOT look good if they lost this chance! So he gave it! They sent word to him, mission accomplished, but it was NOT to be revealed until the Dr was removed from the area! 0’B called ?? from ???, told them ( which he’d already told ??? it was a GO) to bring a news anchor! He, “I got to tell it first”, told of the death of bin Laden! Did he also send an alert to Pakistan? He knew many Leaders there (who had help buy him into politics)! At any rate, THEY got to the Dr before the Seals could rescue him! Suddenly; we see 0’B in the Situation Room, huddled in a corner in an executive chair shrunk down to his size, wearing a golfing jacket, while all others were wearing dress blues or suits! Can YOU IMAGINE the arrogant, egotistical 0’B allowing himself to be photo-shopped into a corner (the only BARE wall LEFT) while everyone was ABOVE him in executive chairs WATCHING the actions in real time? It was his only choice, because he wasn’t IN the Situation room! Notice HIS eyes were focused ABOVE Bidens head, not on the camera showing the raid! And, HOW did he get “in the corner” without having to crawl over the others? WHO was the PHOTOGRAPHER? Peter Souza! The very one who KNOWS how to “photo” SHOP! He did many of them when “The Puppet” was in our White House!


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