FISA Hangs in the Balance…What Will Trump’s Next Move Be?


The entire spy community is on pins and needles wondering what President Donald Trump’s next move will be. The president may not sign off on a bill to renew three critical “Freedom Act” spy laws. Ones that give FISA all it’s magic powers. As South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham points out, “It would be very helpful” to know which way the president is leaning. You could say the President has good reason for concern. It’s now crystal clear with all the proof coming out daily that his 2016 election campaign was “spied” on by Barack Obama’s Deep State minions.

The next FISA move is up to Trump

The senate swore up and down there was no possible way they would allow a “clean extension” of FISA. Guess what? Blaming it on the coronavirus emergency, they kicked the can. Everyone on both sides of the aisle are nervous to see what happens now. The next move is up to President Donald Trump and he’s playing it close to the vest.

As a private citizen before the election, Donald Trump was personally a victim of FISA abuse. It was illegally authorized under that same Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act through FBI and Justice Department treachery. Carter Page was wiretapped by Obama’s FBI so they could have an ear on the Trump campaign and record anyone that that Page talked to. That carried over as a treasonous coup attempt after Trump won the election, calculated to pull him back out of the Oval Office.

Senator Rand Paul explains the real question is “whether or not he’ll actually get involved.” The Kentucky Republican wants to see major changes, but has no idea “how it will come down.” Fellow Republican John Cornyn of Texas is wondering the same thing. “I have not heard what the president’s intentions are,” he told reporters. The only thing he is certain of, is the fact that it’s “the House version that we are voting on,” backed by Democrats. One that was “negotiated with the Justice Department.” Implying that once again, the rats are in charge of guarding the cheese. Cornyn’s statement also sounds like a confidence vote in favor of veto.

FISA at the very heart of Obamagate

The Senate would really like to know what’s on Trump’s mind because they need to plan their next move too. It all boils down to whether they should try to make some changes that would make the president happy or if it would be a waste of time because the administration decides to scrap the whole program. The tension is especially nerve-wracking in light of the disclosures leading to the exoneration of General Michael Flynn.

Obama was in on the set up where Trump’s former National Security adviser was entrapped into lying to the FBI. Last week the Justice Department dismissed the case when the notes proving the setup were exposed. Rand Paul stands in favor of Trump vetoing the bill.


“I’ll encourage him publicly to veto it if they don’t fix it. It’s a mistake just to do some little weak-sauce stuff around the corners.” Paul backed one amendment to the bill “preventing FISA warrants from being used against Americans.” Other proposed limitations are outside advisers a restriction on allowing law enforcement to get their hands on “internet browsing and search history without a warrant.”

The Senate plans to do what they can to tighten up the bill and make it less of a power tool for Big Brother. Any changes they make have to be approved by the House before it can move forward. It seems to many political advisers that President Trump’s silence on the matter is simply a way to make them sweat out the fairest version they can come up with, in hopes of getting his approval. When he sees the final version, if it doesn’t pass his sniff test, he may toss it in the wastebasket.


  1. FISA is an unconstitutional court system and MUST be abolished permanently and with extreme prejudice.


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