Fiona Hill Flirts With More Russia-Trump Derangement Syndrome

Fiona Hill, Another Trump Turncoat
Fiona Hill, Another Trump Turncoat

It looks like Fiona Hill is flirting with more of her Russia-Trump Derangement syndrome. She is not a very loyal advisor, that’s for sure. She is now making the rounds, saying that the Trump White House had “just as much intrigue as the Kremlin.”

Fiona Hill made her mark as an expert in U.S.-Russia relations, and she said that the political intrigue at the Trump Oval Office was “as dirty and filled with intrigue” as the Putin Kremlin any day of the week. I have a sneaking suspicion that she is just trying to sell books, but I digress.

Indeed, this was a line written in her memoir “There is Nothing For You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century” by Fiona Hill.

Hill served as an intelligence analyst in the George W. Bush administration and the Barack Obama administration from 2006 to 2009. President Trump appointed her to be deputy assistant to the president and senior director for European and Russian affairs on the National Security Council under the 45th President.

While there is no question that Hill is a very talented wordsmith, you’ve got to wonder just how much of her memoir is fact and how much of it is fiction. She compared the NSC under Truimpo as a place with “endless hits and explosions” that would give the World War II blitz of the Nazis’ bombing campaign against Briain a run for their money. Talk about melodrama!

“It was just as exhausting putting out political incendiary devices at the White House before someone’s game blew us up too,” she wrote, adding that felt like she was ultimately treating her experience “as a foray into terra incognita,” or unexplored territory.

“I found myself conducting a social anthropological study of the White House, turning the lens around on the United States and noting the parallels with upheavals I had seen and experienced elsewhere,” Hill wrote. “The political machinations around the Trump White House turned out to be as dirty and filled with intrigue as the Kremlin’s, and the atmosphere was as tumultuous as my life in the UK had been in the 1970s and 1980s.”

While there is no question that the Trump White House made headlines for their warring factions and high rate of turnover, there is also no question that the liberals were so cutthroat that they would stop at nothing to destroy this man, even though he was the only one who was standing up for the American way. Part of the reason that Trump went through so many national security advisors, attorney generals, chiefs of staff, defense secretaries, and secretaries of state is that Trump has always been a “my way or the highway” type of leader. The Democrats tolerated it with LBJ, but I guess it’s not so nice when it’s someone from the GOP who is doing it to them, now is it?

Like I said, it looks like Hill is merely saying these things and adding to the Trump witch hunts simply to sell more copies of her book, but I will give her credit on this one: her response to the speculation that Trump will run again just might be right on the money. She believes that he will indeed run again and that he will be nominated by the GOP again. “He wants to be king. He still wants to be king and regain his throne.” There were even reports that Trump wanted to announce his candidacy late last month, but he was talked out of it by his advisors, instead of settling for the “winks and nods” strategy. Time will tell.