Feds Raid IL Senator Who Held Trump Assassination Rally


Home & Office Of Senator Martin Sandoval (D-IL) Raided By The FBI

People in the neighborhoods where the raids took place, watched as agents hauled out box after box of evidence. The lunch time raid was extensive according to several witnesses that were on the scene.

Sandoval,55, was elected into the State Senate in 2002, his office in Cicero, Illinois was also raided. Sandoval’s election was helped along by the group, ‘Hispanic Democratic Organization’ which is no longer operating.

Sandoval was able to get a Chicago public school in his sister’s honor built near his home. His district office was also raided by the FBI and officially sealed until further notice. Sandoval ran on a platform of immigration and local businesses.

The business owners that were next door to Sandoval’s district office said ‘they never saw him once’. The neighbors said he never once came over and introduced himself, another said he never saw Sandoval.

When reporters went to the Senator’s home for comment, he wasn’t there, but several FBI agents were there carrying out boxes.

Sandoval Apologized For Having Mock Trump Assassination Pictures At His Fundraiser

Sandoval issued a public apology after pictures of a mock Trump assassination at his August fundraiser surfaced. The pictures show fundraiser guests taking turns shooting at a Donald Trump effigy.

The pictures were posted online, and raised immediate controversy and backlash. One Facebook user wrote, “the tolerant left”. others shamed the Senator, saying it was his fundraiser and he’s responsible. Sandoval was at the fundraiser, and posed for several pictures at the event.

One picture is of a man, wearing a Trump mask, and pretending to be shot. Sandoval is pictured near the questionable scenes. Sandoval is also pictured standing next to the people holding the guns.

In a statement Sandoval said, “The incident that took place is unacceptable. I don’t condone violence against the President or anyone else. I apologize that something like this took place at my event”.

The Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker, also issued a statement, “As our nation grapples the epidemic of gun violence, purposely pointing a fake gun at someone is insensitive and wrong. I condemn the actions like the ones displaced in the pictures because the lack the civility our politics demand”.

The FBI Raids At Sandoval’s Office & Home Is The Result Of An Ongoing Criminal Investigation

Sandoval has been accused of using his position as a Senator to generate money for particular businesses in exchange for kickbacks. Thus far no criminal charges have been filed against Sandoval. He has been in office for 17 years and is the Chairman of a Senate Transportation Committee.

In addition to FBI agents scouring the Senators official offices, IRS agents were also on the scene removing files. The past 10 months have seen several accusations of corruption by public officials throughout the state of Illinois.

In November of 2018, Alderman Edward Burke’s offices were also raided by the FBI and the IRS. Burke has since been indicted on federal racketing charges. He was accused of using his political position to steer business to his law firm. He has pleaded not guilty.



  1. What an EVIL piece of human GARBAGE, this Senator is ! Martin Sandoval, deserves to be in PRISON, for a repulsive act like this, and posting it on Facebook ! Obviously, he was proud of doing this, and wanted the World to see what he had created .

  2. It seems the progressive/democrat party draws the most ‘despicable’ people as leaders in it. I am glad I am
    in the party that gathers ‘deplorables’. We are in the party that loves our God, country and family. I guess the socialist (le., a hand full of despicables enslaving the masses) need crooks to force we the people to submit to
    their will. God help us please. (vote GOP)

  3. The telling thing is that this Senator has not yet been expelled from the Illinois Senate. Shame on them for tolerating such hate.

  4. This is just typical coming from a blue state. It’s no coincidence all the garbage low life actions come from democrats in blue states. When are people going to wake up! Rangel never paid his taxes. Sharpton’s another typical loser – it never comes as a shock! Maxine Watters only stopped flapping her rubber-tire lips after she was asked how she could afford a multi-million-dollar mansion! Look how Pelosi got filthy rich since she’s been in office. They are in it for power and money! Anyone voting Dem needs to truly take a good look at this bunch of losers and ask themselves if that’s what they want to represent them. If not, you get what you deserve. Minorities have it worse in blue states than in red states. Trump has helped the black community more than ANY OTHER president. Go figure!!!!

  5. It’s fun and Funny during the Party but not so funny when Raided by the FBI ..

    The conduct of this Senator must be admonished and fined as they are NOT ABOVE THE LAW…

    He must be held accountable to a Higher Standard of Law..

    • Alicia: Every comment and every reply I make on this site, I always get: “your comment is awaiting moderation” They never explain why, I’m about ready to cancel, they don’t seem to care about having a following. LMK if you get my message.

  6. W T H do you expect from a PERVERT DEMOCRAT ?
    OFFICE .

  7. The scary part is that Sandoval is so far out in left field that he felt confident enough that inciting assassination was OK amongst his political peers. Once caught however Sandoval’s crony’s now distance themselves.
    PC Duck and Cover


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