Feds Raid IL Senator Who Held Trump Assassination Rally


Home & Office Of Senator Martin Sandoval (D-IL) Raided By The FBI

People in the neighborhoods where the raids took place, watched as agents hauled out box after box of evidence. The lunch time raid was extensive according to several witnesses that were on the scene.

Sandoval,55, was elected into the State Senate in 2002, his office in Cicero, Illinois was also raided. Sandoval’s election was helped along by the group, ‘Hispanic Democratic Organization’ which is no longer operating.

Sandoval was able to get a Chicago public school in his sister’s honor built near his home. His district office was also raided by the FBI and officially sealed until further notice. Sandoval ran on a platform of immigration and local businesses.

The business owners that were next door to Sandoval’s district office said ‘they never saw him once’. The neighbors said he never once came over and introduced himself, another said he never saw Sandoval.

When reporters went to the Senator’s home for comment, he wasn’t there, but several FBI agents were there carrying out boxes.

Sandoval Apologized For Having Mock Trump Assassination Pictures At His Fundraiser

Sandoval issued a public apology after pictures of a mock Trump assassination at his August fundraiser surfaced. The pictures show fundraiser guests taking turns shooting at a Donald Trump effigy.

The pictures were posted online, and raised immediate controversy and backlash. One Facebook user wrote, “the tolerant left”. others shamed the Senator, saying it was his fundraiser and he’s responsible. Sandoval was at the fundraiser, and posed for several pictures at the event.

One picture is of a man, wearing a Trump mask, and pretending to be shot. Sandoval is pictured near the questionable scenes. Sandoval is also pictured standing next to the people holding the guns.

In a statement Sandoval said, “The incident that took place is unacceptable. I don’t condone violence against the President or anyone else. I apologize that something like this took place at my event”.

The Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker, also issued a statement, “As our nation grapples the epidemic of gun violence, purposely pointing a fake gun at someone is insensitive and wrong. I condemn the actions like the ones displaced in the pictures because the lack the civility our politics demand”.

The FBI Raids At Sandoval’s Office & Home Is The Result Of An Ongoing Criminal Investigation

Sandoval has been accused of using his position as a Senator to generate money for particular businesses in exchange for kickbacks. Thus far no criminal charges have been filed against Sandoval. He has been in office for 17 years and is the Chairman of a Senate Transportation Committee.

In addition to FBI agents scouring the Senators official offices, IRS agents were also on the scene removing files. The past 10 months have seen several accusations of corruption by public officials throughout the state of Illinois.

In November of 2018, Alderman Edward Burke’s offices were also raided by the FBI and the IRS. Burke has since been indicted on federal racketing charges. He was accused of using his political position to steer business to his law firm. He has pleaded not guilty.



  1. The only reason he apologizes because he got caught. He should absolutely be prosecuted. He encouraged every nut case to assassinate President Trump and he shouldn’t get a pass at all

    • This is standard MO for DemocRATS… they say or do something outlandish, immoral or illegal and they simply “apologize”… it’s OK …I didn’t mean it,… it was taken out of context…..and we let them get away with it time and time again !…yet if a Republican were to do the same, the REPUBLIICANS call for his dismissal !!

    • This is what needs to happen to all 53 deep state people, then go arrest all and hold in Gitmo with no possible bail and then and only then sit back with some pop corn, as these low life evil people will squeal on their mother, rather than go to jail. I believe oboma’s real birth certificate will show up.. GROW SOME NUTS REPUBLICIANS

  2. It would be great to see just ONE, TWO, THREE…heck…ALL DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS IN PRISON. They’re the party of Marxism and seek to destroy the nation from within. Guess the good little Marxist Senator isn’t laughing so loudly now. DO NOT LET THIS GUY OFF WITH JUST A SLAP ON THE WRIST. HE SENT A VERY SUGGESTIVE MESSAGE, and SOME IDIOTS WOULD TRY (if not done already) TO TAKE OUT OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT.

  3. I wish they’d nail him for something. He isn’t exactly “eat up” with common sense when he is running for office and advocates the asasination of a president. Can you imagine the fury of the press if someone had done the same about Obama?

    • You are f::ken right on the point here! If this guy was a Republican he’d be in f::ken jail. Call your congressmen and women and demand this asshole he thrown out of office and investigated by the Secret Service. This shit needs to stop and NOW! Nuff said!

  4. Notice how many Democommies apologize after they rant and lie for the networks (CNN, etc.). These Networks (in my opinion..trash pushers) quickly releases their venom across the USA and the world. The lying stench quietly settles in the minds of people who seek truth. The receivers of their stench doesn’t realize it but their minds are forming vile BS that will eventually help destroy the finest, freest country this earth has ever known. No this Constitutionall/USA isn’t perfect..and we have preserved in our history so we will not repeat it; even correct it. These many thousands coming illegally into our country are people fleeing for their life,others forced out of their homes due to overtaxing by communism, Islam and various other “isms”. They are seeking what only this country stands for.. gives hope for ..individual (responsible) freedom given to each and every human at birth. Read our Declaration of Independence very carefully. God bless USAmerica.

  5. Democrat SOP — Standard Operating Procedure.
    Too be sure some others as well but nothing like the democrats.

  6. These crooks are all hanging on until (they hope) Biden gets elected — then all these ‘little’ embarrassments will magically disappear :^)

  7. How dumb can you get? In the age of cellphones with cameras and twitter, face book and a dozen or more public places to post his Trump assassination rally that it wouldn’t go national and international. Please cart his stupid butt off to prison. What he did was not only dumb but dangerous in this day and age.

  8. I apologize that something like this took place at my event”….I should of never got caught….under Obozo/Killery these things would of been acceptable

  9. Deep State of Obamanation must all be arrested for insurrection by MP’s taken to Military Tribunal found guilty & shot DEAD, DEAD, DEAD by our wonderful US Army Firing Squads!

  10. Auntie Maxine has been threatening our President since he was elected. She should be the first to go.
    She also threatened The entire administration and anyone who voted for him.

  11. This scum needs to be in jail for twenty years for threatening a sitting president! WTF is wrong with the Republican Party if this guy isn’t?!?!?! Nuff said!

  12. That state is a hotbed of corruption, hatred, islamic extremists, liberal extremists, and more. This piece of scum should be arrested by the Feds and charged with Federal crimes now. He has openly threatened the life of a sitting American President. A Federal crime! Arrest him now, and remove him from office permanently awaiting trial!

  13. No apology Bucko. Time to take responsibility for your actions and pay your dues. These bizarre behaviors need to stop. Prosecute and jail these morons – next time think before you act. Your not funny.


    B: (proofread much?) ******”Burke has since been indicted on federal racketing charges.”*******…

    What is ‘RACKETING”?

  15. This stupid ass needs to be put away for a few years to send a message. The red headed female wouldbe comedian is next as well as Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert, Schiff, Shumer, Pelousy and a few others. WE have put up with this Left BS for far too long.

  16. I am truly beginning to believe the song, “And Another One Bites the Dust” was written to portray the falling of democrats to criminal charges! Yesterday there were 5 democrats busted. Four were council members in Toledo! And this year we have seen multiple democrats taken down on corruption charges! And more will fall this year! Including those in the House and Senate!

  17. Navy Vet Ed
    To talk of assassination of a President of the United States was treason when I was in the Service. This so-called Senator should be brought up on charges of treason and the appropriate penalty applied. As a matter of fact all the Democrats taking part in the attempted take over of the United States should be charged with treason also.


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