Feds Catch Major Voter Fraud Scheme in Democrat City


The indigo-blue Democrat city of anarchist angels was the scene of a major vote fraud crime. Four Los Angeles men admitted their part in the scheme on Wednesday. At Friday’s sentencing, a liberal judge made them promise not to bribe homeless people with cigarettes and money in exchange for signatures and votes ever again, and turned them loose to join the evening’s scheduled riots.

Voter Fraud no big deal in LA

The FBI actually did some investigating, instead of simply trying to connect President Donald Trump to Russian collusion, but all the crime of felony fraud, for tampering with the elections in 2016 and 2018, is punished by in Los Angeles, is a warning. Four men were sentenced to practically nothing after admitting they were up to their eyeballs in a “large-scale scheme to bribe homeless people on Skid Row.” They passed out dollar bills and cigarettes to Skid Row bums “in exchange for forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms.”

The bribery worked like a dream and the defendants “amassed hundreds of false signatures to help initiatives qualify in the 2016 and 2018 election cycles.” According to LAPD Officer Deon Joseph, “They paid individuals to sign the names. That’s an assault on our democracy.” Instead of charging them with voter fraud, California liberals prefer to think of them as “facilitators,” helping Democrats to vote, whether they’re too drunk or too dead to make it to the polls.

Richard Howard, age 64, and 37-year-old Louis Thomas Wise, both declared “no contest,” accepting a penalty without admitting any guilt to the voter fraud charges. They freely admitted “to subscribing a false name to a petition and registration of a fictitious person to vote.” Both of those crimes are felonies to the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Two other men, 41-year-old Christopher Joseph Williams and 45-year-old Nickey Demelvin Huntley, likewise pleaded no contest to “one felony count of circulating an initiative containing false, forged or fictitious names.”

Three years of probation each

The Federal Bureau of Instigation and the Los Angeles District Attorney calmly agree when the liberal court says “la-de-da” to actual voter fraud penalties. All four men will serve the same sentence, three years of formal probation. The judge tried to make it look like he was being tougher on Howard and Wise, so tacked an appropriate threat on the sentence for each of them to teach them a lesson.

“Howard was given a suspended sentence of three years in state prison” for his part in the vote fraud scheme. Wise got “a suspended sentence of 16 months in state prison.” That means, “the jail time would be served after their probation is completed and may be eliminated entirely provided the men do not commit additional crimes.”

Back in February, Norman Hall, age 62, actually pleaded guilty. He should have gone with the no contest option because on top of his three years probation, he got one year in county jail. After he gets out he has to do 100 hours of community service as well. Another batch of four defendants are waiting in the wings “on allegations including the use of false names on a petition and voter fraud.” One more is hiding in some Deep State sanctuary. “37-year-old Jakara Fati Mardis is at large.” If they catch him in time, he might show up in court September 1, with the others for a pretrial hearing.


  1. Nothing surprises me about fraud in LA. The mayor is a fool They have been cheating for a longtime. That is why Trump does not want mail in ballots. The Dems will cheat!

  2. How the hell do you stop criminal activity if there are no consequences for breaking the law. This is more of the common every day legal double standard-simply make the penalties for serious crime go away if the crime is more likely to be committed by a Democrat.

  3. I think liberal thinking needs to stop. Liberalism has degraded America.
    Liberalism has destroyed people’s lives.
    Liberalism has destroyed families.
    Liberalism is a social disease.

  4. Democraps admitted to voter FRAUD in the Alabama Special Election that Moore ran in and we know they did some major FRAUD in the 2016 Race for Hitlery in Detroit where she got more votes in over 90% of cities precincts than there were voters in those precincts. Then there was the Poll worker who found 400 plus voters who were older than the oldest person in America at that time. Half were over 200 years old. The kicker was his Uncle’s vote for Hitlery. That Uncle was a DIE HARD Republican who swore he would not vote for a Democrap even if Dead. That Uncle voted for Hitlery problem was he died in 2006. So until we see these Dirty Democraps being stripped of the right to vote and given long long prison sentences nothing will have changed.

  5. Like we didn’t know this would happen . Here’s the lies the democrats tryed to say won’t happen . We it did again and the ones doing it walk free . And the delusional democrats have the balls to say trump used the Russians to fix the elections . Well look who the lier is now


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