Federal Judge Deals Heavy Blow to Obama With Latest Ruling


Barry Soetoro may think he can get away with ignoring the laws but District Judge Andrew S. Hanen says he “overstepped his executive authority” when he created the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals program. The federal court for the Southern District of Texas just hit Barack Obama’s pampered pet between the eyes, with a sledge hammer. The blow was so hard that DACA dropped dead at the Kenyan’s feet.

Judge becomes Obama’s nightmare

All those illegal alien children dragged across the border against their will, who have been dreaming of amnesty ever since Barack Obama proved the worthlessness of birth certificates, woke up screaming. But, their horrible nightmare is still there.

The liberal dream is over thanks to U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen, a Republican appointee. All the illegals can kiss their “work permits” and protected status goodbye. From now on, “new applications may not be granted.” It’s illegal.

Judge Hanen “sided with Texas and other states in his ruling that President Barack Obama overstepped his executive authority when he created the program in 2012.”

DACA, he writes, is an “illegally implemented program” and “the public interest of the nation is always served by the cessation of a program that was created in violation of law and whose existence violates the law.”

Judge Hanen signed off on the requested permanent injunction which has the effect of canceling and erasing the whole DACA fiasco. He sent it back to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to rethink their strategy.

Imperial Leader Joe Biden and the Palace Minister of Border Insecurity aren’t real happy with the ruling but they have already decided it won’t really matter. The border is wide open now and anyone coming across is given a “Welcome to America Starter Pack” and a lift to the nearest Greyhound station. Travel agents are provided at government expense to help make the arrangements and 24/7 daycare conveniently provided.

An orderly wind down

Conservative officials in the crimson red state of Texas, along with several of their neighbors, had filed the suit, calling for an “orderly wind down” of the program. Since it was unlawful, They shouldn’t be saddled with the expenses “for health-care, education and law enforcement.” The judge agreed with that.

He also wasn’t about to pull the rug out from under anyone who had relied on the illegal program in good faith while it was sanctioned. “Hundreds of thousands of individual DACA recipients, along with their employers, states, and loved ones, have come to rely on the DACA program. Given those interests, it is not equitable for a government program that has engendered such a significant reliance to terminate suddenly.”

The Imperial Palace still thinks they can patch DACA up with duct tape and make it fly again. The judge noted that the palace asserts, “that it is ready and willing to try to remedy the legal defects of the DACA program.”

That all by itself means “equity will not be served by a complete and immediate cessation of DACA.” If it has to die, at least shoot it full of morphine for a while so it’s more comfortable.

The palace has been ordered by the judge to issue an Imperial Decree “within three days” that says, “a United States District Court has found the DACA program to be illegal and that, though applicants may continue to submit applications, the Government is prohibited from granting such applications.”

Everybody knows that the Ministry of Justice will file an appeal. The liberal activists are already turning purple and screaming. “This has a really big impact on hundreds of thousands of lives,” José Muñoz, whines. “If you can renew, you still have the lingering question of: Until when? If you’re a young person who’s applying for the first time, how long do you have to keep waiting?”