Federal Agents Conduct “Deep and Profound” Breach of Americans’ Rights


CNN is finally acknowledging that a wide-ranging Federal Bureau of Instigation black-op is a “deep and profound breach of Americans’ rights.” They totally ignored it when Barack Obama’s administration was caught doing it. Back then, the FBI thumbed their nose at the Constitution and said “So, what?” And they’ve been at it ever since. The FBI watches Americans and tracks their cell-phone’s every movement. Activists watch the watchers. When the FBI sees the watchers watching them, they really lose their cool. It’s a very unprofessional way for the Deep State to behave and it shows the spooks can be spooked by the light of exposure.

A profound breach of American’s rights

On June 9, 35 democrat lawmakers including high profile radicals Zoe Lofgren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Raul Grijalva, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Ro Khanna fired off a nasty letter to the big-wigs at the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, Customs and Border Protection and the National Guard.

They demanded a stop to the practice of spying on Americans from the air “immediately and permanently.” CNN is reporting, this time, that the use of aircraft above protests is clearly a ‘deep and profound’ breach of Americans’ First and Fourth Amendment rights.”

CNN can get away with claiming that they’re shocked by reports that the FBI uses spy planes to secretly watch Americans because they refused to cover it back in 2015. That’s when the FBI got busted watching the Ferguson Black Lives Matter protests. But that was during Barack Obama’s administration. Way back then, even Liberal PBS News Hour was reporting “scores of low-flying planes circling American cities are part of a civilian air force operated by the FBI and obscured behind fictitious companies.”

FBI circling the White House.

Obama’s FBI admitted it in 2015

Barack Obama’s FBI admitted the accusations were 100 percent true and thumbed their nose at the constitution. In the wake of the Ferguson riots which happened in August of 2014, civil rights advocates started noticing that the FBI had been using surveillance planes to spy on BLM protesters. When suspicious surveillance patterns popped up near Phoenix, Arizona, where there weren’t any protests, people started asking serous questions.

The FBI got a little flustered but they went on local television to admit what they were doing and insist they can do it all they want. FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. released a statement which begins, its “aviation program is not a secret.” A local representative went on the local news to read the statement. “FBI routinely uses aviation assets in support of predicated investigations targeting specific individuals. The aircraft are not equipped, designed or used for bulk collection activities or mass surveillance.” That may not be true, as the recent CNN report confirms.

The FBI went on to claim they have the rights to do it. At the time they pointed out that the Department of Justice audited the program in March of 2012 and “found it was a valuable asset for counterterrorism, counterintelligence and criminal investigations.” The only problem Obama’s FBI had with it was that the FBI “underused” the program “due to a lack of pilots.”

Notice the blue stripe on the top of the right wing it should be matched on the left. This is a training plane.

Solving the ‘pilot’ problem

In Phoenix, Arizona, they solved that problem by teaming up with a local flight school. One that predominantly trains Chinese nationals. While these student pilots are learning to fly, they are also being trained in the use of modern government surveillance equipment and techniques, so they can violate the civil rights of their comrades when they return home.

They were caught in a rather embarrassing situation recently, before the BLM riots broke out. While the spy program itself is “no secret,” The FBI works real hard to shield their front companies. They had a little accident recently and it exposes the deception. Because of the COVID-19 quarantines, all schools have been closed. AeroGuard Flight Training Center got an exception. “Flight training is part of the ‘essential transportation infrastructure’ during the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, according to officials with the Flight School Association of North America.”

Even with permission to fly, those blue stripes on the edges of the wingtips stood out like a sore thumb to rights advocates, when schools in general were supposed to be closed. They decided to paint them off of the spy planes for a while. Then one crashed and it’s obvious that the paint job was not complete on that one. Apparently the stripe that shows it’s a trainer plane on the top of the left wing has been painted out but not the one on the top of the right. Reporters weren’t talking or giving any details other than both of the plane’s occupants “refused” medical aid. They did admit it was a training plane called a Mooney though.

Per CNN, “A RC-26B flew this path over Las Vegas on June 2 and 3.”

The shoe is on the other foot

Flash forward to the media inflamed riots of today. All it took was a single Cessna Citation to blatantly invade the White House airspace for CNN to take notice. It was especially spooky because it didn’t show up on public screens. As the rights watchers who watch the watchers have known for years, the FBI can flip off or spoof their transponders at will. CNN just confirmed it. “CNN was not able to track the aircraft using flight path databases,” they report. “Those who routinely monitor flight path data tell CNN it is possible that the flights had special FAA approval to operate with their transponders turned off, making tracking more difficult.”

The progressive lawmakers are suddenly freaked out that one plane flew 50 laps around the White House and they’re demanding answers. Outraged CNN writes, “it was hardly an accident.” They tracked “several aircraft, both piloted and unpiloted” over Washington, Minneapolis and Las Vegas. They finally woke up and sniffed the coffee.

Government rights watchdogs are suddenly terrified that “the planes were used to track protesters and perhaps capture cell phone data.” The planes are equipped with “stingrays” or “Dirtboxes,” to detect and interact with cell phones and the FBI has been dragging them through the sky for years. Affordable technology to detect dirtboxes in use around you is available. It’s called “Project Seaglass.”

FBI fortress of justice conveniently located.

What are the planes equipped with?

The latest reports indicate that the planes are “typically equipped with live video cameras and heat sensors” to violate your civil rights even better. The letter written by democrats also notes how they are “equipped with ‘dirtboxes,’ equipment that can collect cell phone location data, over Washington.”

Now that their own phone can be located, they suddenly don’t like it. Apparently the whining democrats instantly got their way. “Such flights have since been suspended according to a Senate staffer, with direct knowledge of the situation.”

The folks who monitor the shenanigans of the FBI in the Arizona desert are used to planes coming in so low and slow that occasionally the engine stalls. Floating over barely 300 feet above the Saguaro’s. The FBI knows they are being watched and after they get outed from time to time in media, they like to show their displeasure by tracing pornographic images across the sky. They get away with it on a regular basis. All it takes is one helicopter to mess up the hair of a protester and the democrats flip their wig.

“It was not just high-altitude flights taking place over protest cities,” CNN writes. “An investigation into a June 1 low-flying maneuver conducted by one of our rotary aviation assets.” the helicopter allegedly violated the rights of Antifa when it “blew debris around protesters who remained on the street after a city-imposed curfew.”

This is what the track looks like when they know you are watching back. One was even bold enough to sign their artwork.


  1. And every communications provider and businesses have just as much info about our daily lives as the FBI, Put a name to Facebook, Google and you will come up with a BIT of the TOTAL knowledge they have of that person


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