Federal Agents Bust Terrorist Who Was Plotting to Blow Up the White House


Federal agents apprehended a Georgia man after his terrorist plans to blow up the White House were discovered.

Terrorist Plans Thwarted by FBI

Online court records reveal that the terrorist was sentenced on Thursday to 15 years in prison after plotting to blow up the White House, the Statue of Liberty and other Washington D.C. landmarks with an antitank rocket and explosives.

In April, Hasher Jallal Taheb pleaded guilty to attempted destruction of government property by fire or explosion, WJCL reported. Once his prison sentence is served out, he will be under supervised release for three years.

In a court memo written by prosecutors, terrorist Taheb said his “goal in acquiring numerous weapons and explosives to attack the White House was to ‘do as much damage as possible,’ to become a ‘martyr,’ to fight to the end and make a big bang, to enter the White House and take down as many people as possible.”

Agenda Started 2 Years Ago

Two years prior, in 2018, local law enforcement enacted the help of the FBI when they received a tip from someone claiming Taheb was embracing radical ideologies.

While speaking with undercover federal investigators in October 2018, the terrorist revealed his plot to head overseas and wanting to take out the White House.

In December of that year, his plans broadened to include blowing up the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and other famous landmarks.

Intricate Details to Destroy White House

He had spent a lot of time building his agenda and showed the undercover investigators sketches of the White House that he made.

He also told of his very detailed plan of what weapons and explosives that would be used. It included explosive devices, semi-automatic weapons, hand grenades, and antitank weapons.

On January 16, 2019, Taheb was arrested by federal agents in Buford, Georgia. The agents lead him to believe that they were meeting to rent a car, trade their vehicles for weapons and then drive to Washington, D.C., where he would launch the attack according to prosecutors.

Justice is Served

The terrorist was arrested after he placed weapons into the rental vehicle and proceeded to climb into the passenger seat, court filings confirm.


  1. What we don`t deport a failed Muslim? Get him out of here Don`t feed or house him. Don`t give him the opportunity to do it again. Laws should be set up like this. They used to send us intelligent skilled people but not anymore.

  2. Don’r just put this ape in prison for fifteen years; once his sentence is served, deport, or exile him to Iran. If they don’t want him, just “airdrop” him in. Don’t ever let him come back here.

  3. Another terror plot foiled. Thank God! But I wonder who will be his first visitor in prison… Pelosi, Schumer, or Soros? JMO

  4. I wonder if this was one of those “white supremacists” which have been accused of being behind all of the terror threats to the United States. It’s hard to tell, because most of those supremacists have names like “Billy Bob”, “Bubba” and the like. This guy’s name sounds more Arabic, but then I’ve been told those guys NEVER commit acts of terror. Further, according to recent articles I’ve read, the FBI don’t even to bother investigating Muslims-due to the fact that they never commit acts of terror (it would be a terrible waste of time and resources to investigate people who never break the law-wouldn’t it?). Anyway it’s good they stopped him. If it’s important for the White House, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial to be destroyed, we’ll just have to wait until the Democrat terrorists of antifa and BLM take them down.


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