FBI Just Handed Out Warrants for SEVERAL Corrupt Swamp Rats


The FBI handed arrest warrants to a pack of rats nesting in the swamps of Toledo, Ohio on Tuesday and they’re still chasing a lawyer who got away. Four city council members cashed in with a pay-for-play influence peddling scheme. The FBI is “actively looking for” attorney Keith Mitchell.

Arrested on federal warrants

Holy Toledo! Early Tuesday morning, the FBI rounded up city council members Larry Sykes, Tyrone Riley, Yvonne Harper, and Gary Johnson to hand them their arrest warrants, and take them away in cuffs. Lawyer Keith Mitchell gave them the slip for now but the FBI declared they are “actively looking” for him.

Along with U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman, the Federal Bureau of Instigation has been digging into the scheme for around two full years before the warrants were issued. They wanted to have a firm trail of evidence documenting the “bribery, extortion and abuse of their public office for financial benefit.”

The parent organization of the FBI, the Department of Justice, put out a press release praising the bureau for doing something other than trying to link President Trump to Russian collusion. They proudly proclaimed, “four sitting Toledo City Council members and one local attorney were charged in a criminal complaint today.” Its about time they served some warrants on someone. Maybe James Comey will get his name on one soon.

Cash, check, or money order

You have to hand it to the corrupt council members, they made their extortion convenient. Before the warrants were issued for their “participation in a bribery and extortion scheme,” they accepted “cash, checks, money orders, or other things of value from local business owners.”

In exchange, the corrupt City Council members bartered their votes on local issues. The warrants were issued pursuant to “a federal criminal complaint filed in the Northern District of Ohio.” They didn’t know it but they tried to shake down an undercover agent.

Court documents spell out all the sordid details of how “each of the council members” allegedly accepted “thousands of dollars in payments from an FBI source.” All caught on HD video and surround sound. They took the money “in exchange for support with a business matter that was up for council approval over the course of 2019 and into early 2020.” They were totally surprised when the FBI showed up at their doors with warrants.


  1. It’s about time!!! Now, when are the rest of them corrupted politicians get to be handcuffs and put in jail?

  2. Okay, so I want to know where Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Mad Maxine Waters are all at? Each of these swamp rats needs to be investigated; afterall, just look at one case in which Sheila Jackson-Lee’s staffer who doxed senators and if the FBI were to investigate further they’d find the smoking gun that Ms Lee knew all about it.

    • Sad to say, but if you look at black run cities, they are overwhelmingly quite similar to the corrupt societies of many of the Caribbean Islands and countries in Africa. The few really good people are sad to say outnumbered by the bad.

  3. That is well and good, but I am looking to see warrants served on the likes of Ovomit and Clinton. I am sick of seeing slugs like them being placed above the law. They should be in prison.

  4. No democrat is an honest democrat! And if they tell you otherwise, they’re lying! And it’s even more common among the blacks as criminal records will prove! Not racist! Just facts!

  5. How about Michigan. Governor using taxpayers money to give to get Democrat friends as payoffs for pushing bills against the people. Murdering our seniors in nursing homes. Keeping Michigan in a lockup for no reason but hate and destroying Michigan..we are writing letters and call Lansing. Just let the shaft from both sides. We needs to storm Lansing and physically remove these traitors.

  6. I hope the FBI goes after the other business people that were involved in similar bribes. Everyone involved should be prosecuted.

  7. It’s racism, discrimination, a set-up, scam, trumped-up charges, completely innocent and I will be vindicated in a court of law. Speak to my attorney… All sorts of excuses to do something crooked and they have them all! They are going to lie like dogs in court and blame each other but be assured, this is only the tip of the iceberg

    • ABSOLUTELY. We NEED to see Durham’s indictments issued on all the criminals involved in Crossfire Hurricane. The ‘Comprehensive List’ MUST include Biden, Rice, Yates, Schiff, Nadler Pelosi…..plus. plus, plus. The charges of ‘TREASON’ qualifies most of these traitors for death by firing squad…..

  8. Proves that when most of our ethnic, racial, religious, and gender minorities are appointed, elected, or given positions of power they immediately engage in corruption and abuse as many of them want to get revenge against Whites in their sick twisted evil minds.

  9. What we are seeing is the Democrats are willing to tear America apart to stop Trump from winning another election. It is not if Trump wins, he will win and a bunch of Democrat crooks will be going to jail. In the last 3 years evidence of who the crooks are has been recorded. When Trump wins a whole bunch of Democrats will be leaving America for some country where they cannot be touched.


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