FBI Director’s Revenge Warpath Against Trump and His Friends


FBI director Christopher Wray has been matched up by the Palace with his old buddy Merrick Garland. Imperial Leader Joe Biden wasted no time directing the pair down a warpath of revenge against former President Donald Trump, his friends, associates and every single one of his deplorable supporters.

FBI Deep State rules again

Attorney General William Barr didn’t see eye-to-eye with former President Donald Trump on some really important things but he also kept the scheming Deep State faction of the FBI from running the major clandestine illegal operations they had gotten used to. Christopher Wray barely survived being fired by Trump as Director of the Federal Bureau of Instigation.

Now that Joe Biden has usurped control, his Imperial Wisdom appointed Trump hating Merrick Garland to run the Department of Injustice. Garland and Wray are old buddies and expected to get along just perfectly as they start another witch-hunt. Any conservative who supports Donald Trump will soon have an open and active investigation file.

According to Charlie Steele, who licked the boots of the grand inquisitor as Chief of Staff to Robert Mueller from 2004 to 2006, Wray will now “have more time to devote to the types of things that the FBI director historically has focused on.”

Like eliminating Donald Trump and his anti-globalist “nationalism” once and for all. America First? Forget it. We’re one big happy open borders planet under New World Order domination now.

Since the controversial regime change, the DOJ is back to their old tricks, starting politically motivated “investigations” into high-profile conservatives to discredit and destroy them. Even if they have to manufacture the evidence they need to do it.

The Carter Page case showed exactly how the DOJ and FBI were weaponized against Donald Trump but even though the whole thing is out in the open, there haven’t been any repercussions and the criminals got away with stealing another election in broad daylight right under everyone’s nose.

Laws are a thing of the past

It’s clear that we’re now in a “post-constitutional” transition phase where the Imperial Palace is still acting like we have written laws. The reality is that laws and rules are whatever the Palace say they are. The arbitrary decisions are enforced by the FBI through arrest and intimidation.

If that doesn’t work, the Pentagon seems to be backing the Globalists and won’t hesitate to send Delta Force to anywhere in America if deplorable nationalists decide to rise up and defend the outdated and debunked “Constitution.”

Trump allies like Matt Gaetz and Rudy Giuliani are learning how dirty the Deep State can play. The FBI has made it crystal clear the new threat is “domestic terrorists.”

In other words, anyone who criticizes Imperial Leader Joe Biden or dares to question the integrity of the election which put him illegitimately in charge. Garland’s first day at the office was for a briefing by Chris Wray on “the investigation into the deadly rioting at the US Capitol.”

The whole barbarian invasion seems to be a Deep State engineered “false-flag” event. The bureau’s fingerprints are all over it, indicating a total trap was set up. There are reports of the military “psychological operations” forces being involved in the mission.

The FBI and DOJ are teaming up to go after anyone “involved” in any way with what happened January 6, except for those who staged and executed the operation. “The domestic terrorism investigation is the most pressing and sprawling investigation in the department right now,” one inside observer notes.

Instead of investigating the crimes of Hunter Biden in Ukraine, Wray and the bureau are going after Rudy Giuliani for investigating Hunter Biden. The bureau recently “executed search warrants on Giuliani’s home and office in Manhattan.” Meanwhile they’re trying to entrap Gaetz with manufactured sex crimes.

No, the Federal Bureau of Instigation would never manufacture evidence, they insist. Carter Page will be the first to debunk that claim. But, with the globalists fully in charge, they can now do as they please without any consequences.


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