Fast Thinking California Homeowner Blasts Would Be Robber to Smithereens


Things didn’t quite go as planned when a socialist tried to share the wealth of a rural Modesto homeowner. Rodney Martin never noticed the home surveillance system and was soon carried out by the coroner. In California, the local residents know that the police aren’t going to come and save them. Martin didn’t have to die that day but he made the big mistake of firing first.

Homeowner shoots back

California has one less armed robber in the census figures. The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office advised the community that they’re safe from 41-year-old Rodney Lee Martin.

They found him dead on the floor of a Modesto home with a stolen firearm on Friday, July 2, because the homeowner is a firm believer in the Second Amendment.

Police got the call around 12:22 p.m. and routed it to the Sheriff because Modesto is an unincorporated town. When deputies arrived, they “found Martin dead from at least one gunshot wound.”

Obviously a big one. That’s when the homeowner explained, “they rushed home after receiving an alert from their alarm company that their home had been broken into.”

As soon as the angry occupant showed up and started yelling, “the suspect opened fire.” The “homeowner – who has not been identified or charged with any crimes – fired back.”

All that time at the range paid off. It was also good that the intended victim had their weapon handy and loaded when it was needed the most. The cops have a lot of questions but they don’t have nearly as many answers.

Aspects of the incident

Authorities said “the homeowner is cooperating with law enforcement” but note that “several aspects of the incident remain under investigation.”

Local news outlets are pointing out that this is the “second death that week of a suspected home intruder in the Modesto area.”

Apparently the robbers aren’t getting the message that just because the cops are defunded doesn’t mean crime is now legal. The homeowner side is also getting the message that law and order is a do-it-yourself deal these days.

On Tuesday, 32-year-old Pearl Fierro allegedly used a fire extinguisher to break a sliding glass door at an elderly couple’s home and threatened to kill them.

In that shooting, the female resident gave “several warnings” then blasted. “The suspect was able to break into one of the couple’s vehicles, where she died.”

The Stanislaus County Sheriff says they aren’t arresting anyone on that either because it’s another case of a homeowner defending their castle. All the evidence, Sheriff Jeff Dirkse, “points to this being an act of self-defense.”