Family Drives Right Through the Middle of Wild Tornado, Captures The Whole Thing Live


As the Sunday family started planning for their trip to the Dillon, South Carolina area, they knew that the whole entire region was under a tornado warning.

However, they still thought they could make the trip safely just because they thought they were far enough away from any funnel clouds. Unfortunately, as it turned out this family was wrong. However, luckily for them it was just a near-miss and nothing too catastrophic. 

The family was able to make their trip to Dillon without incident, but it was the drive home that turned out to be full of peril. As the Sundays put their truck out on the interstate, they immediately saw something incredibly intense and surprising.

As it turns out, this family not only encountered a tornado, but they actually drove through one as well. The Sundays took some video showing the awesome natural force to be reckoned with, a funnel with the accompanying maelstrom of debris. 

“I saw a little bit of rotation in the distance,” said family patriarch Michael Sunday, who was driving their truck. “All of a sudden, the tornado came out from through the trees.” 

The family of Michael, his wife Annie and their two young children and even the family dog watched from their truck windows as they were driving in the middle of the highway. They encountered at least two minutes of immensely loud and strong winds. 

“We were worried that it would pick the truck up,” Mr. Sunday’s daughter said. “But it didn’t, thank goodness.” 

The Sunday family said that it was very unpredictable and that it happened very suddenly. Needless to say, they feel lucky to be alive.

“I was only thinking, ‘We’re all together. If something’s going to happen to us, then we’re all just going to be together, and it will just be that way,” Annie Sunday said.

Along those same lines, daughter Sophie was just adamant that Jesus was watching out for her family. 

Of course, these tornadoes come as remnants from Hurricane Delta streaking across the Carolinas and causing damage in many parts of the Palmetto State. 

What do YOU think about the good fortune of this family? Share your thoughts with us! 


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