Fake News Reporter FIRED for Bogus Story About Trump

Trump in Afghanistan
Photo Courtesy of Chairman of Joint Chiefs via Creative Commons License

The media loves to publish hit jobs against Trump and now they are paying for it.

Journalist Jessica Kwong has been fired by Newsweek for filing a negative report packed with misinformation about how Trump was spending his Thanksgiving.

Always Taking Shots

The piece from Newsweek was filled with a lot of assumptions.

For instance, the report was filed on Wednesday, assuming Trump would be staying put at Mar-a-Lago.

The report also took shots at Trump for tweeting on the holiday, but that was all a smokescreen.

While Kwong was sending out tweets to tout her hit piece, Trump was literally on the ground in Afghanistan having lunch with our troops.

Everyone jumped on the bogus report, including the President’s sons, calling out the reporter and the publication for the report.

Damage Control

As it turns out, Trump was able to keep the trip to Afghanistan secret, as he did last year during Christmas when he went to a war zone.

The need for security is real, as our enemies would love to have any information to take out our president while he was in the air and vulnerable.

According to reports, Trump left Mar-a-Lago in darkness and Air Force One left on an airstrip that was completely dark, as was the plane.

Additionally, reporters were told that they had to surrender their cell phones and were not told of the destination until the plane was in the air.

The White House even scheduled tweets to go out while Trump was in the air to serve as a decoy as to the exact location of the President.

This was a brilliant plan by Trump for security reasons and sloppy reporting from Kwong and a horrific job of her editors for not vetting the story properly.

It also exposed how badly the media wants to report Trump in a negative manner… and now they are paying for it. 


  1. If they fire the reporter on all the fake news, there wouldn’t be enough people in the MSM to get up a card game. And CNN? There would have to go to a printed crawler instead of talking empty heads.

    • Hello Donald; you’re mistaken when you say that CNN has only “talking empty heads” their heads are Not empty, they’re full of hot air. BTW Fox news has a few like that, the first one that comes to mind is Chris Wallace ():-)

  2. I have read the reporter’s story and many others like it. News media is NOT news, it’s MISinformation and DISinformation. And I am VERY lenient when I describe it as ANY type of INformation. GOOD that she is looking for a job that might suit her better. Maybe, joke writer? No, nothing she writes is funny, either. Her type of B.S. causes more methane than bovine flatulence. Hey, since she got fired, is she going to try to get unemployment? What a world!!! God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  3. I am ambivalent about the reporter’s firing. How come she was made an example of? There are plenty of other news reporters who lied or misled readers in their news reports. How come they weren’t fired as well?


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