Failed Candidate Files Lawsuit Against Candace Owens


Kimberly Klacik failed in her run for congress. Now the Maryland Republican is blaming Candace Owens for her loss. She rounded up a whole team of lawyers and filed a defamation lawsuit against the conservative commentator.

Loser files lawsuit

As reported by Politics USA, Klacik’s lawyers think they can get the sore loser a whole bunch of money to ease the pain. They’re lawsuit says they are hoping for “$20 million in damages” from their claim.

They might just get it too. It appears that Owens didn’t have as much evidence to back her claims as she thought she did. The whole controversy started when Owens reported that Klacik “is a ‘madame’ for a strip club.” As the lawyers are well aware, baseless “character assassination has no place in political dialogue.”

Jacob Frenkel, one of the attorneys representing Klacik, points out, Ms. Owens “chose to use her huge social media platform to attack a respected Baltimore political figure.” He smells money.

We “are using the proper forum — the power of the courts — to respond. The detail in Ms. Klacik’s lawsuit speaks for itself.” It seems Klacik also lost a book deal over the comments.

Instagram posts may self-destruct but screen capture software is built into everything these days. It turns out that Candace Owens “made the claims in an Instagram video posted on June 22.”

As described in the lawsuit, Owens “accused Klacik of ‘money laundering, tax fraud and campaign fraud’ and running strippers out of a club she says Klacik’s husband owns.” Those are fact statements. If they can be checked out as true, then Owens is off the hook. If not, she’s going to pay and pay dearly.

Mad over Juneteenth

Ms. Owens posted the offending Instagram video “after she and Klacik disagreed on Twitter following President Joe Biden’s declaration of Juneteenth as a national holiday.”

In the lawsuit, the lawyers argue that “specifically,” the defendant “affirmatively accused Ms. Klacik of tax fraud, campaign fraud, money laundering, illegal drug use, and acting as a ‘madame.’ There was no truth to the allegations.” While they claim there is no proof, that is yet to be determined.

“In making these allegations of criminal activity, [Owens] claimed to have received information from someone who ‘stripped with [Ms. Klacik]’ and who allegedly told [Owens] that Ms. Klacik used campaign funds to purchase cocaine and scammed people of millions.”

Lawyers for Candace Owens are beating the bushes to round up that certain “someone” and put them on the hot seat. That would give Owens the ability to at least claim she made the statements on “information and belief” in defense of the lawsuit. That’s not foolproof but it could help get her off the hook. Proof that Klacik really was a stripper, used cocaine, and bought it with campaign funds, would be a whole lot better.

At least for now, Klacik’s attorneys are sticking with the official story. “These caustic and made-up defamatory allegations are without factual support.” Conservatives are hoping that Owens can dig up some solid “factual support” and beat the lawsuit.

Either way, it serves as a warning to everyone not to cross the boundary lines. Especially when laws only seem to apply when it’s a conservative on the wrong side. Democrats literally get away with breaking the law nightly. Arson and burglary go unchallenged but don’t dare speak up against the Deep State.