Fact Check: Liberal Media Claims Proud Boys is an Extremist Group…It’s Completely FALSE

The Proud Boys

For months now, the liberal media has been ignoring violent leftists terrorizing our communities, while attempting to paint groups like The Proud Boys as the real threat. Instead of focusing on ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter violence, which is widespread and well-documented, they have found a new ‘right-wing boogeyman’ to focus their attention on.

The left has attacked this group for a long time, calling them racist, sexist, and homophobic. This is far from the truth. But now, the left has decided to go in full attack mode.

At the first presidential debate on Tuesday, journalist and Democrat hack Chris Wallace demanded that President Trump denounce ‘white supremacist’ violence in our streets, along with right-wing militias. Joe Biden interjected and directly called for the president to call out the ‘white supremacist’ Proud Boys.

On Wednesday, the International Chairman of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, an African-Hispanic American, spoke out against the media and the left smearing the organization as a white supremacist group:

The Chief of the Proud Boys Salt Lake Utah Chapter also spoke out, saying: “The Proud Boys as a hole, I will say this on behalf of the entire national organization, denounce white supremacy”.


Other Proud Boys have also spoken about the diversity of their group, including in a video posted to Twitter.

In the video, Edwin Arthur a black member of the group, stated: “There’s not one racist redneck Nazi” in the group.

A white member of the group interjected, saying “Find him, and we’ll kick him out.”

The group describes themselves as “Western Chauvinists”, and their website states: “If you are a man and you know that the west is the best, then you can join The Proud Boys. Some chapters have minimum age requirements and some vetting you’ll have to go through but if you’re a western chauvinist, we’ll get you in.”

Chauvinists typically support a form of strong patriotism and nationalism, believing in the superiority of their nation. That lines up well with the beliefs of the Proud Boys.

According to their website, the “core tenets” of the group are:

  • Minimal Government
  • Maximum Freedom
  • Anti-Political Correctness
  • Anti-Drug War
  • Closed Borders
  • Anti-Racial Guilt
  • Anti-Racism
  • Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
  • Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
  • Glorifying the Entrepreneur
  • Venerating the Housewife
  • Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism


  1. Was Joe Biden wearing a “wire” under his jacket? On a particular closeup you can see a “wire” sticking out from under his jacket and Joe pushing it back.

  2. When the head of a chapter of “The Proud Boys” is black and there are other people of all shades of skin tones with that organization. They aren’t “racist”, “White Supremacists” or any divisive hate group. They are like me, if you are an idiot they have a hefty dislike for you.

  3. They call the proud boys that to convince you that there racists . But they are the proud Americans that are tired of the BS the delusional democrats do in their citys . You don’t see the proud boys burning , looting and killing kids like the delusional democrats do . If the proud boy did then you can say their racists . But since the proud boys are of a mixed race that wants to protect our country and the way of life , One can’t say their a white supremacist group as the delusional democrats try to say they are . It’s the same old story … the pot calling the kettle black . The fact that the proud boys stand to block the delusional democrats and their pet slaves from burning , looting and killing is the only reason the delusional democrats are crying now . More Americans need to stand with the proud boys to help save our country . God knows the delusional democrat mayors and the governors won’t , in fact they protect the BLM and the real racists white boys so they can burn , loot and kill for them . Can’t wait till after November shen trump wins again . We will see a new America again , One where the delusional stand down or face the real power of our country . There will be a hole new group of proud boys to back the president if needed . Be warned … it may be coming to your town soon


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