Experts: Biden’s Job-Killing Agenda Will Cost 1,411,000 US Jobs

Biden executive order kills pipeline job

President Joe Biden has made climate change a top priority since taking office on Jan. 20. In doing so, the House GOP estimates he will kill a total of 1.41 million jobs with his currently stated policies.

Sleepy Joe the job killer

So far, the executive order that has probably received the most vocal blowback is the one ending construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

TC Energy estimated that this project would create 11,000 jobs, which is why the GOP said Biden’s order killed those 11,000 jobs.

In an effort to save Biden from negative press, PolitiFact “fact-checked” this claim. They called it “half-true,” but their reasoning made little to no sense.

“In the report, [TC Energy] wrote that 10,400 estimated positions would be for seasonal construction work lasting four to eight-month periods,” it said.

“Since the State Department defines ‘job’ as ‘one position that is filled for 1 year,’ that would equate to approximately 3,900 jobs over a two-year period.”

Anyone who knows anything about construction understands that most jobs in that industry are temporary. A worker works on a project for a number of months, and then he moves on to the next project.

The effort to downplay the severity of Biden’s executive order by PolitiFact is clearly a political one, and most logical Americans understand that all 11,000 of those construction positions were jobs.

The House GOP Twitter account posted a graphic breaking down the potential job losses due to Biden’s executive orders.

Will Biden destroy the economy?

In addition, Phil Flynn said in a Fox Business opinion article that Biden’s hatred toward fracking can have other consequences.

Biden’s disdain for fracking has been transparent and will assuredly put more regulations on the industry and make it harder to build much-needed infrastructure which will inevitably lead us to much higher energy prices,” he said.

Despite the pipeline being more efficient and less likely to cause spills than other methods like rail transfer, Biden shut down the project in the name of supposed climate change concerns.


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