Exotic Dancers Come Up With Crafty Way to ‘Make It Rain’

Boober Eats
Photo via The Oregonian YouTube Video Screenshot

With the new social distancing rules, the thousands of strip clubs across the country are shuttered.

Now, whether you want to call them respectable or disgusting is your call, but the fact of the matter is that these clubs employ a LOT of people, all of whom are out of work right now.

Well, most of them anyway, because one club owner came up with a very creative way to keep his entire staff employed during this shutdown.

Making Do

We are all trying to figure out our bills right now, so creativity is a must.

Those that can’t do their regular job from home are looking for contractor work online or other avenues to create income until the stimulus kicks in.

Like many employees in the hospitality industry, the employees at Lucky Devil Lounge in Oregon really have no other outlet if they can’t work at their current job.

Since home delivery is still allowed, though, the owner of the club, Shon Boulden, figured out a way to keep everyone happy, including his regular customers.

If they can’t come to the strip club, Boulden is going to bring the strip club to them, sort of.

Hence the birth of Boober Eats.

This all started out as a joke on social media, but Boulden soon started to get serious inquiries about food deliveries.

So, he decided to get his kitchen fired up, employed bartenders as a social media and order taking crew, and the bouncers and girls as the delivery team.

For a $30 surcharge, which is split amongst the delivery team, the girls of Lucky Devil Lounge will drop off your food and bring a little bit of the club right to your home…

What most people don’t realize is that dancers in these clubs either don’t get paid at all from the club or they actually have to pay to dance, especially in higher-end clubs.

That being the case, they are all considered contract workers and are not eligible for traditional unemployment (the new stimulus package should cover them).

So, while they are not making the money they used to make, at least they have an income and the “service” they are providing by delivering the food is keeping the spirits up of the locals in the community.

It is far from traditional, but hey, during these times, you need to be creative, right?

So, if you are hungry for some chicken fingers or cheesesteak bites, and you happen to live in Oregon, you may want to give Boober Eats a ring, just remember to tip your dancer, er, deliver person.


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