ET Does NOT ‘Phone Home’ for Star Actor Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas

Actor Henry Thomas Was Arrested In Oregon On A Charge Of DUI

Thomas,48, was arrested late Monday, after other motorist called 911 stating Thomas was in a car and in the middle of an intersection. Police found Thomas in his car sleeping, officers woke Henry up, gave him a field test, then arrested him.

Henry was booked and detained in a cell until he sobered up. A spokesperson for the Tualatin Police Department, said they received the 911 call around 9:30 p,m, Monday night.

The caller said a car was stopped in the middle of an intersection in a residential area. Furthermore, caller could not make out the driver but said she believed only the driver was in the car.

Thomas consented to a field sobriety test on the scene, which he failed. Henry Thomas was then taken to the Washington County Jail and booked on driving while under the influence.

After he slept it off, he was released on a Personal Recognizance bond, and told his trial date would be in November. Thomas starred in the blockbuster 1982 Steven Spielberg movie, ‘E.T.’ Thomas was ten when the movie came out, which he explains “instant fame was like a skyrocket”.

Instant Fame Was Hard To Handle As A Young Child

In 2013 Thomas was quoted saying,

“Of course there have been times I regretted playing the kid in E.T. My world went completely crazy. I was that stupid kind of famous, where you can’t go anywhere. It was like that for the first 6 months after E.T. came out. I would go out, and I would get mobbed I was a very shy kid, and going out and getting approached by adults all the time freaked me out I was like a circus freak. But the only time I had to deal with it, was when I left the house. So I stopped leaving the house, I became an 11 year old hermit”

Although the life he was leading was not how he and his parents envisioned for him, Henry Thomas continued to work. Henry did several films including, Legends of The Fall, and Suicide Kings in the 80’s.

Henry Thomas found fame again with his profile Netflix ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ playing Hugh Crain. He will also appear in the second season ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ which will premiere in 2020.

Henry Thomas Has Been Married Three Times & Moved To Oregon To A ‘Simpler’ Life

Thomas was born in San Antonio, Texas, his mother who was a homemaker, took her son Henry on an open casting call when he was 8. He’s never stopped working since then Thomas says.

His father Henry Thomas Sr. was a hydraulic machinist. Thomas has been married three times. His first wife was to actress Kelly Hill the marriage lasted two years. His second wife was to actress Marie Zielcke, which lasted three years and produced a daughter Hazel Thomas.

Henry Thomas, and his current wife, Annalee Thomas, have been married for 10 years and they have two children. Thomas said although he stayed in the entertainment business against his better judgment, he moved to Oregon to have a more simpler life.


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