ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Reveals the REAL Reason Colin Kaepernick Moved NFL Workout

Stephen A. Smith

For more than three years, Colin Kaepernick has been claiming he was ousted from the league because of his political beliefs.

The NFL caved and arranged a workout from the former QB in Atlanta on Sunday, only Kaepernick canceled it 45 minutes before it was scheduled to start and moved it to a local high school.

Smith, on Saturday, stated that Kaepernick simply does not want to play in the NFL any longer and that he would prefer to be a “martyr.”

This Has Become a Joke

Three years ago, Kaepernick found himself without a job in the NFL.

Kaepernick claimed it was because he took a knee and was protesting social injustice, but that was not the reason.

If you look at Kaepernick’s stats over the course of his career, he was on a steady decline after he made his Super Bowl appearance.

While his team did make it to the playoffs the following year, his stats were down.

Then, every year after, they continued to decline and his last year in the league was a complete disaster for the 49ers.

Add the declining skills to the negative media attention and Kaepernick became a hot potato that nobody wanted to touch.

A backup QB is simply not worth the problem.

He Doesn’t Want to Play

Multiple teams in the NFL have a real need for a solid backup QB right now, with starting QBs going down each week.

Teams are literally taking people off their couches rather than contact Kaepernick.

So, the NFL set up a workout for Kaepernick in Atlanta and had 25 teams that committed to showing up.

Kaepernick, however, decided to cancel the workout and hold one on his own at a local high school 60 miles away only 45 minutes before his NFL workout was scheduled to take place.

Why? Because he didn’t like a standard waiver that the NFL wanted him to sign.

This was obviously prearranged by Kaepernick because nobody would be able to pull this off without having everything in place prior.

Smith hit the nail on the head, so I will let you hear his own words…

Personally, I think Kaepernick is scared to get back in uniform because he knows his entire narrative will get blown to bits if he gets back on the field.

As Smith stated, he just wants to be a martyr.

Only eight teams were able to make the move to the new workout, so that is 17 fewer teams that got to see him live and in person.

More importantly, he gave GMs in the NFL a glance at the problems he will present if they do sign him.

Many defenders of Kaepernick were just as upset as Smith over this, all saying he really disappointed them and few expect his phone to ring anytime soon.



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