ERUPTION! Airport BRAWL Over One Passenger


An airport in the Puerto Rican city of San Juan was the scene of a tremendous eruption and not the natural kind either. This airport gave rise to a highly volatile melee as a drunken woman defiantly would not get off a plane that was bound for Philadelphia, per one report.

This chaotic incident occurred last Monday at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. Apparently, the woman was being asked to disembark the plane, but she refused to do so even when the crew members insisted that she do so, as reported by a Storyful article.

Interestingly enough, there was another passenger who was actually becoming ill right about the same time that the other passenger was continuing to be very belligerent.

These events painted a picture that wasn’t too rosy, to say the least. They actually led to the captain deciding to cancel the whole entire altogether simply because of a coronavirus policy that allows him to take such action if necessary.

Fellow passenger Jorge Luis Vargas shared some extra footage, both of the captain’s announcement and of a crowd of people that are assaulting one of the other passengers at the terminal. In Vargas’ first video, it can be clearly seen that the pilot’s announcement was very poorly received. It was unclear from Vargas’ footage whether the woman who was assaulted at the terminal was the same individual who refused to leave the plane earlier on.

The local Puerto Rican media identified Blawer Diskson More, 33, as the individual who had possibly became upset on this flight. However, no one was really sure if she was the one who had been drinking.

There was a second passenger assaulted named Spencer Crone. This 32-year-old man is also from Philadelphia, and he was trying to defend said victim.


Both of the people assaulted said they did not require any medical attention. Additionally, the Puerto Rican authorities came and made some arrests as a result of the incident.

The airline that was involved in the skirmish was not able to comment on the situation. What do you think about this nasty eruption of a brawl on a San Juan airline?


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